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Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

Hello Everyone! Forgive me for the blackout, I’ve been very busy lately, thanks to the increase in hours at work, the pickup of the short film project with No Input, and a few requests, from my friends and family, to crochet for them a few items. So, my first post back from this blackout, is… Continue reading Let’s Cross Over To The Other Side

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Seeing Visions – A Review On Breakfast At Your Place’s “Visions”

Hello Everyone! Today’s a different post from usual, since my composer is currently in the midst of lots of projects and other things, so I’m going to be covering for a while, until he composes another great piece for you guys! So, I’ll be writing a review on a song that has been requested by… Continue reading Seeing Visions – A Review On Breakfast At Your Place’s “Visions”

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Music Business As Usual

Good after evening, and welcome to... career goals. So, I was thinking - I need to change jobs soon. By soon, I mean a year ago in September, when I originally planned to. The main reason that I haven't is because job hunting is daunting, and tiring and very, well, miserable. Especially when a lot… Continue reading Music Business As Usual

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Feather’s Games: The Harris Cottage

Hello Everyone! We have another Sims 2 House Build for you! Yes, we’re finally getting a rhythm. So, watch out for another episode next Saturday! Anyway, this one is called... The Harris Cottage If you’d like to get into more details about the house, then read on. About the House This house was inspired by… Continue reading Feather’s Games: The Harris Cottage

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Alien Covenant: We have a problem!

Welcome To The Review! Welcome back to another review from LL! It's good to be putting up another post for all of you. This week, we head back to a sci-fi/thriller franchise that has been going for many decades. Let's take a trip back to Ridley Scott's world of Alien, in its latest instalment 'Alien Covenant.' Again,… Continue reading Alien Covenant: We have a problem!

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The Age Of Shorts – A Review On Short Animations On YouTube

Hello Everyone! Today is going to be a bit different from the ordinary film reviews, or beauty reviews, y’all know I do. I’ll be talking about something I’ve found on the internet, and I’m not joking, they’re masterpieces! What I’ve discovered can be found on YouTube. It’s the wonderful world of short animated projects. That’s… Continue reading The Age Of Shorts – A Review On Short Animations On YouTube

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Anime In Hollywood – A Review On Ghost In The Shell

Hello Everyone! I’ve got a new film review just for you guys! Ok, so it’s not exactly a new film, but it is one that is mostly talked about in the anime/Japanese/Asian community. It’s also been criticised for its casting choices, mostly because it was a rather difficult choice to swallow. There’ve been many memes… Continue reading Anime In Hollywood – A Review On Ghost In The Shell