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Today we continue into the land of inspiration-less posts. In this episode, we’ll be discovering the joys of cooking…Ok, so I’m being a little bit dramatic with this, because I base my “inspiration” levels, on my crochet projects, and I’ve not worked on any new ones in the last couple of months (many other projects have taken precedence over it). So, instead I’m returning to the land of cooking as an interim, for now.

So, what recipe do I have in store for you? If you read the title, you’d probably get an idea of what I’m going to say. I found this recipe on Yummly and it’s been sitting in my “yum” folders for a while, without any attempt to make it, so I decided to try. The recipe is called…

Grilled Basil Lemon Pork Chops

It’s a simple name, but it does the job. Oh, and if you’re wondering if it’s healthy, don’t worry, if you click the link, there is a section dedicated to the nutrition details of the recipe. It’s mostly protein, so if you’re looking to build your strength, I suggest try making this on a regular basis (maybe every two weeks, if you have the ingredients on hand).

The Simplicity of Recipes

Alright, so this recipe was quite easy to follow, you just needed lemons, garlic, herbs and hey, what do you know, pork chops. It’s fairly easy to make as well, you just need to marinate the chops in the lemon juice, garlic and herbs; leave it for a few hours and then you can grill them to your heart’s content.


This is a good lunch or dinner recipe, although if you are cooking it for lunch, it’s a rather heavy lunch, so I suggest you try cooking it on the weekend. Oh, and yes, it’s easy enough for university students to try out too!

Details Time!

As always, here are the ingredients and recipe!

Grilled Basil Lemon Pork Chops

The ingredients you’ll need are:

6 Pork Chops (loin)

2 Lemons

2 Tsp of Minced Garlic

¼ Cup of Olive Oil

¼ Cup of Basil (Freshly Chopped)

The Tools:

Mixing Bowl

Tupperware Container (or an air tight container)


The Recipe

As you know, I don’t write the recipe here, because that would be plagiarism. So, it’ll be linked in the title, which…you’ll…see…now!

Grilled Basil Lemon Pork Chops

My Experience

Ok, I made this last minute, because I thought I just need to bathe the pork chops, but I realised, as I was reading through the recipe that I needed to marinate it for at least three hours. In the end, I had to leave the chops for about a day and a half, because we had other meals that were lined up and ready to be eaten. So, the chops were a little too marinated by the time we decided to eat them.


However, despite being a little too tough and sticky (because we used the halogen oven, rather than the grill, maybe next time we’ll use the grill) the chops were delicious. Even my family agree they were quite good. The lemon and the garlic didn’t overpower one another, and the slight tang of the citrus was a nice kick.

Was it tasty? Yes

Would I make it again? Most likely

It’s mostly a matter of time before I attempt this recipe again, purely because I don’t have much of it, since I’ve been busy with other things, but I know I’ll definitely give it another try.

Well, that’s it from me, it’s your turn! Will you try out this recipe yourself? Have you tried it before? Have you tried something similar? Do you have any tips to improve the recipe? Let us know! Leave your tips in the jar below and we’ll see you soon!

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