Feather’s Crafts: The Granny Square Trials

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Welcome to another week! Today, I’ll be showing you guys a new pattern I’ve created…well, it’s probably not new, and someone else has already thought of it, but it’s a pattern I came up with by myself! This time round, you’re going to need four colours, because it’s that complicated. It isn’t but, if you want it looking colour and pretty, I suggest getting four colours of yarn. So, let’s show you what the granny square looks like.


It’s not that hard actually. It only requires 6 rounds, and they’re pretty easy to do.Now, initially they were going to be joined together to make a cushion cover, but the loops at the corners would have made the gaps too wide.

So, I decided to make them coasters…of course, these ones won’t be on sale, they’re more like samplers. The reason why is because I made them with acrylic wool, not cotton or with natural wool, so it won’t stiffen. However, I will be making ones that are made out of cotton, so if you want to buy these coasters, you will be able to.

Pattern, Price and Materials


Alright, so here’s the price, pattern and materials you should use.


Patons Green 100% Cotton 4 Ply Yarn

Patons Yellow 100% Cotton 4 Ply Yarn

Patons Royal Blue 100% Cotton 4 Ply Yarn

Patons Peacock 100% Cotton 4 Ply Yarn

4.50mm Crochet Hook


As usual, you can access the pattern below, as well as the method to stiffen the yarn, and any alternatives, if you don’t want the yarn to be permanently stiff.

The Granny Square Trials Coasters

Now, if you are even more creative than I am, and you’ve decided to use this pattern for other uses, then let us know, show us your designs, because we’d love to see them and be inspired by them!

The Price

Alright, for these coasters I’ve decided to sell them in a pack of four, so you’ll get four identical coasters, for the price of…


So, watch out for these ones, when the shop comes to life!

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll see you guys next time. As for now, let us know what you think about the coasters, and if you have any other pieces you think we can make! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you soon!

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This is Feather, signing out!

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