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I know it’s been a week, and I’m sorry, I’ve been really busy lately, what with trying to find a new job, trying to break into the modelling industry, getting my wind back from all the overtime I did last month, etc., etc., etc. However, I’m back in full swing, and I have stories to tell you! Well, maybe not stories, but I do have some interesting ideas! So, let’s get to it!

With all this modelling stuff, I’m learning new things about beauty products, tools and techniques. Today, I’ll talk about the tools; make-up brushes, in particular. Now, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, or who aren’t yet up to date with the recent beauty trends, there has been a craze over the new “toothbrush” brushes. Me? I’ve been caught by the hype and I bought some for myself. I’ve also bought a collection of “pro” brushes, so this comparison will be a three-way (I see you dirty minds out there, STOP IT!). As for my preference, well let’s just say I’m still undecided.

Traditions and Banks

For a long time, I’ve had to deal with the scratchy and decidedly dense textures of drugstore products and tools. For instance, I’ve once had the No.7 eye shadow brush, I’ve even had Superdrug quality brushes too, and within a year or two, I’ve had to ditch them, purely because they weren’t picking up products like they’re supposed to. Eventually I found the Eco Tools brushes, and while I still have some, I don’t usually use them. In fact, I’m on the verge of throwing them out, because they’re just taking up space.

Now, I work with the Real Techniques brushes, and they are a dream, considering they’re drugstore quality. My favourite brushes from their range are the face brushes. I still use their full-face powder brush and their contour brush for when I’m feeling particularly inclined to contour my face. Of course, being the impulse buyer I am, I even tried out their Bolds Metallic collection, and…I hate them.


It’s not so much the quality of the brush, I do like the long handle, so I can see what I’m doing to my face, a little more clearly, but the texture of the brush is rather poor. The tapered and layered style of the hairs is very scratchy. It feels like I’m poking myself in the face with very tiny sticks. I wouldn’t recommend the foundation or concealer brushes, they’re just not that good.

If anything, I would suggest the original products. For £10+ these brushes are high quality. The hairs are soft, the handles aren’t too thin and they blend your make up well, so it doesn’t look like you’ve got streaks on your face.

 Luxury or Standard

With my meagre paycheque and the limitless choices on the internet, I decided to try my hand at something a little more “professional”. I scoured Amazon and the endless supply of professional quality brushes, and found a set that was fairly cheap and with great reviews. The result was the Savisto Professional 32 Piece Make-Up Brush Set, complete with a leather effect carry case and a stylish gift box.

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I was hesitant to use them, to say the least. I was afraid I’d wear them out like I’ve done with Real Techniques. So far, I’ve only used them twice, and both times I wondered why I haven’t used them more often. They’re soft, they pack the products when I want them to and there are enough brushes that I don’t have to use the same one twice (basically if I’m using a matte shadow over a shimmer, the matte won’t be contaminated with the shimmer).

Compared to the Real Techniques brushes, the set is actually very, very cheap. Where a single Real Techniques brush would cost around £9.99, the entire set only cost £12.95! That’s a real treat compared to the individual ones I’ve been buying. Not to mention, these ones feel so much better, so much lighter than the Real Techniques brushes.

While the bristles are soft and I do like the way they apply make-up to my face, the Real Techniques brushes are rather dense, and sometimes, it doesn’t spread the product as well as I’d like. Although these brushes can be streaky (in terms of foundation and concealer) and I’d have to use a beauty blender, they spread the product better than the drugstore brushes I have already. In all honesty, I’d probably only ever use these brushes for really important occasions, like for the shoots I go on, or for my sister’s graduation day, or if I ever go to a black-tie fundraiser.

 Breaking Tradition

It’s time to finally discuss the new “toothbrush” make-up brushes. I have used the brushes myself and I have to say, they’re very handy. The set I have, once again from Amazon, is the Oval Makeup Brush set by AsaVea. For those of us who are used to buying things less than £20, this one is quite expensive. The price tag of the set is £24.99.

One of the features of the brushes is the flexible handle. You can bend them as much as you like, so that you can get into those hard to reach crevices on your face. In my opinion, I do like these brushes, but only for foundation and concealer. The dense hairs on the brush smooth out the streaks on my face, so I don’t have to use beauty blender, and I don’t have to use too much product However, the brushes themselves are difficult to wash, since the bristles are compacted tightly together.

I do use these brushes more often than the Savisto ones, purely because it was only because of the trend. I’m not usually on Instagram, but I’ve seen many videos and articles featuring these brushes, and I just had to try them out. I do love the airbrush quality it gives, and how easy it is to use, but when it comes to using powder, there is a downside. I’m not convinced with the eyeshadow brushes, since I’ve only used them once, but that once has shown me that it doesn’t spread powder all too well. Another downside was the way it doesn’t seem to pick up compacted foundation powder either. So, in the end, I only use the brushes for creams and liquids.

I suggest, using these brushes in conjunction with your regular ones, if you’re not used to the brushes’ density (I’m not). Also, if you’re like me, and you’re also trying to break into the make-up/beauty/modelling industry, I suggest you stick to the standard tools of the trade (see what I did there?) because in the end, these Instagram trends are just trends. While, yes, they come at the hand of some professional or other, the truth is, some MUAs (Make-up artists) aren’t convinced by them.


I think the best thing you can do is go by your gut instincts. If you swear by the traditional brushes, then go by them. If you prefer the toothbrushes, use them. If you don’t mind mixing things up, and using both, go ahead! No one will judge. In the end, it’s all about how you feel. Beauty is subjective, and if you think you look good with three layers of foundation and powder, go for it. If au natural is your route, then props to you. As for me, I take it as the day comes. Some days I go out without make up, others I can’t leave the house with my face looking so dull.

Well, that’s it from me today. It’s your turn. Have you used any of the brushes I’ve mentioned? Are there any brands or makes you can suggest? What do you think about the current beauty trends? Leave your tips in the jar below, and I’ll see you soon!

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