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I’ve finally decided to sit down and write another excerpt or snippet! My inner muses have decided to wake up after a three-month nap! I guess Pinterest has woken them up. So, today’s excerpt was inspired by the “Humans are space orcs/Space Australians” thread that has been going around on there, and I have to say, it would be a very interesting concept. Well, enough chit-chat, let’s get to it!

Heela sipped gingerly at the muddy brown concoction Taylor had given him. It was bitter and did little to wake him properly. Grimacing at the disgusting horror, he looked up at the beaming woman, who was watching him closely, “Well? What do you think?” she asked.

Heela took another sip and decided that coffee most definitely did not agree with her, “How do you drink this?”

Taylor shrugged, not too particularly perturbed by the fact that Heela didn’t like the drink, “I guess it’s an acquired taste.” At Heela’s confused expression, she added, “Don’t worry, not many people like coffee. Some prefer tea. Maybe you’ll like that more.”

Heela blanched, the coffee was bad enough, and she didn’t want to know what this tea tasted like. As Taylor walked away, Heela found herself in a predicament. Her friend hadn’t left the kitchen yet, and from previous encounters, she knew that throwing the little terror away would be an insult. So, Heela was resigned to finish the disgusting drink, until she was alone.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait for too long. The ship’s alarm bells blared across the entire vessel. Both Taylor and Heela exchanged nervous looks, before dashing off to the control room. Out in the corridor, the ship’s crew were manic, everyone was running every which way, and it was difficult for Heela to find her way. There was just too many bodies moving, she could barely see the numbers to the gangway she needed. Of course, she didn’t need to see, as Taylor had grabbed one of her arms and dragged her along. They weaved their way in and out of the mass of bodies that seemed to always be going in the opposite direction to theirs.

Eventually, the pair made it to the control room and could finally see what had caused commotion. An entire fleet of brigands had happened upon their small ship, and were demanding entry. The ship’s captain, a surly character, whose sharp fangs were too large for his mouth, watched the scene with narrowed eyes, calculating their best course of action.

“What’s going on?” Taylor asked, causing some of the technicians to roll their eyes. Of course, her question went unanswered, as she could very well see what was going on. The captain gave her a sidelong glance, raising a stern brow, in question. Taylor cowered before that gaze, and muttered, “Sorry, habit.”

With her apology, he returned his attention to the situation at hand, and continued to give orders to the crew, “Are we linked to their coms, lieutenant?”

“Yes sir. They can hear you loud an clear,” replied a voice from halfway across the room.

“Good. Turn the mics on,” he replied. When a green light on is console turned on, the captain leaned forward, and spoke into a long thin apparatus, Heela though was the microphone he was talking about, “This is Captain Nebalus, of the fourth quadrant of the High See. State your business.”

“We are taking the ship,” came the metallic reply. All around the room, there were nervous glances, they knew what the threat was, and who was making the threat, even Heela knew. The race called the Magalons were known for their penchant for piracy, and it seemed that their passenger cruise had stumbled upon one of their fleets.

“Oh Great Star, save us,” Heela murmured, trying to find a corner to hide out in.

Taylor and the captain, on the other hand, didn’t seem impressed, and as Heela tried to hide herself under a nearby desk, Taylor found her. In a not-so-silent whisper, she asked, “Heela, what are you doing?”

“The Magalons aren’t to be trifled with.” Grabbing her best friend by her upper arms, Heela commanded her attention, “Whatever happens Taylor, you are my best friend, and I am proud to call you that.”

Startled, Taylor, frowned, unsure what to make of the situation, and she pried herself away from Heela’s grasp. She joined the captain by the microphone and waited for his next move, “That is not possible. We have at least five hundred civilians on board, we cannot allow you to board.”

The same metallic voice of came over the intercom again, “We are taking the ship.”

Some of the crew shuddered at the sound, even Heela shrunk further into the darkness of the table, but still the captain and Taylor stood firm, “Yes, you’ve said that, but as I said, that is not possible. We do not mean any harm. We simply want passage back to the Capital.”

Once more, the metallic voice replied, “We are taking the ship.”

It was that last sentence that finally broke Taylor’s patience. She shoved Captain Nebalus aside, pointedly ignoring his startled glare, and spoke directly into the microphone, “Alright, listen here you punks, I’ve had about enough of this monotonous theme you brigands love to play, so PAY ATTENTION!” Everyone’s terrified eyes were on her, and even Heela peered through her arms just to watch the scene unfold, “I am Taylor, from the galaxy Subanon, basically, Earth if you will. Now, If you would be so kind, move your ships, or I will be forced to ask my superiors at Area 51 to gun down your fleets.” She paused for breath, and it seemed everyone had held theirs.

Braving the silence, Heela hissed, “Taylor, what are you doing?”

Taylor ignored her as she continued to berate the Magalons, “I’m sure you’ve heard of us, and our stories. Of course, you would have probably heard about how we managed to assassinate some of our great leaders, all because we could, or the way in which we start wars because someone shot our favourite pet. So, imagine what they would do, if they found out that you kidnapped, probably raped, tortured and killed one of their own. As I said before, I’m Taylor, I’m the daughter of the ambassador for Earth. If you want to take this ship, I suggest you think twice, about it.”

When Taylor finally stopped speaking there was a tangible pause across the intercom system, everyone held their breath. Finally, one word was broadcasted, “Explain.”

At this, Taylor smiled. She straightened, and placed her hand on the palm reader on the captain’s console table, “Scan this. Scan every bit of memory there, and you tell me, do you think I won’t burn through your ships to just to get every single one of your captives free.”

Taylor’s memories flashed across the viewing monitor, and everyone could see what she had been through before being admitted to the ship. There were horrors not even Heela knew a single person could survive. It was a miracle Taylor still stood, alive. When her memories disappeared, there was another pause, and everyone wondered if the Magalons had left. Suddenly the vibration and sound of engines starting, and fading, could be heard throughout the ships, and when the viewing monitor was once again clear, there were no Magalon ship in sight.

For a moment no one could believe what was going on, and could simply stare in silence at the black starry sky. It didn’t take long for a cheer to start, however, and soon everyone was clapping, crying, clasping each other in relief. Even the captain joined the celebration. Taylor, however, wasn’t part of that celebration, she watched the night sky, her eyes distant as she recalled bad memories.

Heela, after hugging a fellow Midran noticed Taylor’s sullen mood, and moved to stand beside her, “What’s wrong?”

Startled out of her daze, Taylor smiled at Heela and shook her head, “Nothing, just some bad memories.”

Suddenly reminded of the trauma they’d witnessed on the monitor, Heela’s good mood disappeared, “I understand it must have been hard for you.”

“Huh?” Taylor asked, before realising what Heela meant, “Oh you mean exposing all that? Oh, no, that’s not what bothered me. I’ve already had years of therapy for that. I was talking about the fact that you didn’t like my coffee!”

Taylor’s last sentence startled Heela greatly, and she looked at her best friend incredulously, “That’s what you were sad about?”

Even as Heela spoke, Taylor seemed to be lost in her own thoughts, “Maybe I didn’t put enough sugar. Of course! Milk! I forgot the milk!”

She ran out of the control room, leaving Heela to watch her disappearing back with growing concern and worry.

Well, that’s it! What did you guys think? I took it from the post where having the ability to lie through your teeth, or keep a cool and calm expression, in times of danger, can impress and frighten alien species. It’s a cool post I’ll link it below. So, as always, leave your tips in the jar below, and I’ll see you soon!

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