The Mean Green Smoothie Machine

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’d done Feather’s First Time Cooking! That’s right, I’ve cooked up another great Craft’s post for you guys! This time, it’s all to do with smoothies (as you can already tell).

The Inspiration

So, what made me decide to finally make this post (other than the fact that the title’s been sitting there for a while now)? Well, recently, I’ve been really craving heavy foods. When I say heavy, I mean junk. Lately my diet has consisted of ready-made salads, paninis and chocolate. Not only that, I’ve been craving the likes of KFC, McDonalds and all kinds of nasty junk that will not be leaving my system any time soon. So I thought, what better way to break that craving than to give my body some good old mother nature? That’s how I made this:


Yeah…it’s not very appealing, since I forgot to use a decorative glass, but at least it is healthy.

What’s In It?

Ok, so the base ingredients are:





Baby Spinach

Almond Milk


No, I didn’t find this off the internet (although there might already be a recipe for it somewhere out there). I actually made this on my own. You see, I was going to use Cassey Ho’s smoothie for a faster metabolism as the foundation of this post, but I couldn’t resist trying to make something that wasn’t already on the Internet.


So here it is! I didn’t really think about it too much, after all as long as you get your daily five-a-day, you’re pretty much set. The most important factor I really considered was the taste. If I didn’t like it I would have had to endure a cup full of something that would have been disgusting.

However, the smoothie turned out great! I mean I wouldn’t have more than one cup of it, and I wouldn’t consider it as a great poolside drink, but I would drink it for breakfast or something, just to get my digestion going.

How Do You Make It?

Ok, so it’s simple, you get your ingredients, chop them up and blend them in a blender until it’s all mixed. As for measurements? It’s up to you. I really just used 1 of everything (except the baby spinach, I’d say take about two handfuls…and the almond milk, I poured at least a cup).


Now I know, it’s not something that’s challenging, like what you’d find on BuzzFeed, or Yummly, but it’s a start. For those of us who’ve lived with parents cooking for them breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the time, you need something to help you get started, and trust me, making smoothies and breakfasts is the best way to start.

After all, I didn’t make that last chicken breast bake without knowing how to make myself a decent sandwich!

So there it is. I think I’ll call it…

The Green Surprise

There’s nothing special about it, just the fact that it has mango and persimmon, but it’s one mean smoothie if you ask me. Of course, if you have any suggestions to improve it, or if you tried the recipe out yourself, let me know in the comments below and tell me how you found it. It’s not a work of art, but at least it’s good for you!

Well, that’s it for now! I’ll see you guys soon, once I start actually baking for Christmas. Hopefully I go through with it! For now, let’s say I will. I’ll see you guys next time in…

Baking Up Christmas

I’ll try to make cookies worthy of the holidays! Who knows, I might just make it a tradition, we’ll have to wait and see!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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