Feather’s Games: A New Style Of Zombie Game?

Hello, everyone, it’s Sugar Daddy here to tell you that we may need something different and I may have figured it out.

We have a problem when it comes to the status of the zombie genre, especially in gaming. The problem is that we have nothing really new. I say this because the zombie games, that have come out in recent years, have either been OK or boring. A great example is when we talk to gamers, or even friends, about their favourite zombie game. They always respond with telltale games like “Walking Dead” or “Left for Dead 2”, but instead of creating something new, the gaming industry have been relabeling or rebooting franchises. So here is an idea of a game I would love to play (and just to be on the safe side…Copyright 2017: Sugar Daddy).

Reverse the roles?

A strong female lead, or a macho man with enough testosterone to blow your socks off, without a double barrel shotgun. Yes they’re human’s we’d love to see, thanks to their action survival ways. After all who doesn’t want to play a character that’s potentially the love child between Bear Grills and Conan. However, the problem with this is, we have way too many of them, and we need to change this.


Now, I don’t mean reversing genders, with a good looking/perfect body woman. I say we play as the villain, the zombie himself or herself. Though some developers have created games like this, such as “Stubbs the Zombie”, we haven’t actually had a triple a title. So here comes the Idea.


What if we started the game as a virus spreading to a single human, and I mean we have to spread it, but throughout the story we are able to make some choices that would affect the story. For example, you could have the choice to kill and eat your lover, or run outside and kill a stranger, thus appealing to the “murderers” inside us and still enjoy graphic brutal kills. By the way this game might have to be rated R…Should have said that in the beginning…

Gameplay: Super Zombie?

Now that we have begun to attack people, and slowly affect them, we have slowly become stronger, allowing us to upgrade. This is when we play differently. You see, like a human, zombies can get new skills or weapons as well. This can be from razor sharp claws or teeth, to your character being able to move faster when they jog or run. So, when you progress further, in the game, and begin killing more, the people you have infected become just as fast, allowing you to change the story, and how the humans would react to this new threat.


Going deeper into this, you could have your character slowly transform, and take over areas, thanks to a special link you have with your allied zombies. You’d then be able to attack in a certain way or target major areas, like cities or specific locations. Now, you must be thinking, wait for what? A thinking zombie, but what if he thinks like a zombie, so kill and eat, but he has a link to control the other zombies, in such a way that he can make them attack, so he can get stronger. This could add a new dimension to zombie myths.

Zombie God?

After many hours of levelling up and upgrading your zombie, and finishing most of the story, what happens to gameplay? You have become a super-fast running zombie, with sharp claws and teeth, tearing away at the humans with ease. You may have also developed the ability to sense and smell your enemies from afar, or perhaps, you could have the ability to be more immune to their killing methods, thanks to your armoured flesh. The idea of this one game, is basically being able to play as a simple virus, then evolving to a…practically zombie god, spreading your disease until all human life is wipe out, creating a successful zombie apocalypse.


I’m not sure what most people’s reaction would be to this game, but I think it would be interesting, due to the fact that it’s so different. After all you play as a zombie, with the sole mission to spread its disease, and create more zombies. Plus with the upgrade feature, players can create the own monster, like their own unique flesh-eating beast. It, to me, sounds like an action horror game that I would like to play, like “Prototype” meets “The Last Of Us”.  The story mostly follows the humans and their reaction to what you, and your minion zombies have caused.

Multiplayer: Bullets vs Teeth

If this game was made, I would expect a multiplayer section would be added, just the idea that the person you are facing is not an AI BOT, would be rather terrifying. The game could be a trial to survival, until the final bomb arrives, or one zombie affects the others. This could allow players who enjoy the more traditional zombie shooter, to still enjoy themselves after they get a little full of human flesh. Just picture “Evolve” meets “Alien Isolation”.


Well that is an idea of a different zombie game, which I would enjoy playing and would invest in, just because it’s different, and we can explore the humans emotion to what it would be like in a zombie apocalypse, but through the eyes of a zombie. For example, you are in a warehouse and you have to kill the general, etc. However, because you’re faster and have unlocked certain abilities, you can fight the boss differently. After defeating him, you can make a choice to eat him or allow your followers to eat him, while you try to hunt for the other survivors. That’s just an idea of what this type of zombie game could be.

This is just one idea I would like to see made, hopefully, someone does.

Until then, this was Sugar Daddy telling you to keep gaming, Bye.

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