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And I’m bringing you my views on gaming news. Today, I will be discussing one of the most hyped up games of E3: Dragon Ball Fighters Z. There were a lot of games at E3 that I want to talk about, but for now, I want to talk about the game that got everyone, in the anime community and the fighting game community, absolutely excited for.

One of the biggest highlights of the Microsoft E3 press conference was the reveal of a new fighting game, called Dragon Ball Fighters Z. Although there have been quite a few DBZ games, they haven’t always hit the mark on capturing the intense battle of the DBZ universe, as well as giving a competitive feel. That all changed with this announcement. In the trailer, we saw an explosive intro, to a fighting game with none other than Goku and Frieza battling, throwing punches and kicks at fast speeds and using their signature moves, which sometimes affected the stage you were on. Although it was only 30 seconds long, it was one of the greatest things of E3 to me.

Dragonball fighters z


The game is being developed by Arc System Works, who has developed games such as Guilty Gear and Blaze Blue, which are beautiful games to watch, but most importantly these are games which have quite a serious following, in the tournament scene. So there is no one, other than Arc System, that could have pulled off this game. Another point, to mention, is that this game is a 3v3 game, with a similar play style to Marvel VS Capcom 3, meaning we will be able to switch between multiple characters. So, on the show floor – the demo had 6 characters, them being: Goku (SSJ Form) Vegeta (SSJ Form), Cell, Frieza, and Gohan (Teen SSJ 2 Form) – each character played so differently to the other, and as stated by Tomomi Hiroki, the producer, they wanted to make the game to be played as a serious E-sport. This means that next year, at EVO 2018, we can see pros playing a game with some of our favorite characters, going all out! Just imagine the commenters screaming “ He JUST TRANSFORMED TO SUPER SAIYAN BLUE AND USES THE ULTIMATE” that’s how wild DBZ is, with multiple twists and turns.

Speaking of characters, it has been confirmed, by the producers, that there would be 30 characters to pick from. Since 6 were revealed that leaves 24 spaces left, and since certain forms take certain spots, we could perhaps see the same character twice. For example, we could possibly see Ultimate Gohan (Adult), as his own character. If the producers ever read this, then please add the following, just because the play style is so different. Also it would make the fans of both the movies and TV series play this game.

Number One: Goku Black

Goku Black Rose


Although he is a recent character to the DB Landscape, he was one of the most important ones, because he is a new fan favourite. He has an incredible appearance, and a unique backstory, he most certainly could give Goku a run for his money, and even possibly beat him. He also can transform into a Super Saiyan rose, which is an evil take on the super sayian blue form…which was introduced in the resurrection F arc. So, imagine evil Goku with pink hair, it’s going to look amazing when I pick him for my team.

Number Two: Brolly/Kale

Dragonball super Kale.png


Was there any doubt? He is one of the most iconic characters in DBZ history, even though he is not cannon, Brolly is one of the fans’ most loved villains. So much, in fact that in the Dragon Ball Super, the creator of DBZ created a character called Kale which has almost same appearance and ability’s as Brolly, she evens says his iconic lines, so if either one of these characters are included, I would be so happy. After all, who doesn’t want the Legendary Super Saiyan on their side.

Number Three: Android 13

Android 13 WP


That’s right Android 13, created by Dr Gero’s super computer, he was meant to be the most powerful android, with the ability to absorb parts of other androids, such as 14 and 15, and turn into a blue Hulk monster. This character also plays really dirty; he once punched Goku in Super Saiyan right in the crotch area and then slammed him into a mountain. He also has a Death Ball, which follows his opponents and he sounds like an American red neck. So he is funny, yet a scary badass.

Though there are so many unique and great characters, only some can be chosen. However, my theory is definitely one of these three will be chosen, just to make the fans’ wishes a reality, most likely being Goku black or Kale, due to the Super series still running. Not mention DBZ are vicious when it comes to its fandom, they still hate the fact that Superman defeated Goku TWICE.

Overall the game retains its classic DBZ feel and elements, such the ability to perform a stationary power up, and to raise your meter, which, when we see pros play, will be an important factor in the match, But what stood out to me, from watching the gameplay online, and listening to other YouTubers’ experiences with the game, it’s that it is easy to pick up and learn, and pull off most of the attacks in the game. Although we don’t know, how easy it will be to transition, to the game, once it’s released, in early 2018, we can be damn sure that this is going to be one of the best game in the franchise.

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