Feather’s Games: EVO 2017 Surprises

Hello, everyone, it’s Sugar Daddy here, bringing you the gaming news.

This past couple of weekends, a lot of fighting game fans were on Twitch, glued to their computer screens as they watched the live streams of multiple fighting games, at the biggest fighting game tournaments. We watched the best players around the world, fight of for the number one title for their preferred fighting game, and a huge prize pool. However, the were also some exclusive treats to those who watched Evo, such as new trailers or information about new characters, and future DLC. So, enjoy and before we begin Feather Charm provides weekly updates on games and films, so subscribe and leave a like. Let’s go.

Tekken 7 New DLC Character: Fury Geese Howard

tekken 7 geese.png


That’s right, Tekken 7, the next DLC character is Geese Howard, from the Fatal Fury series, who has to be one of the most popular characters in the franchise. It’s good to see another 2D character making his way to the 3D landscape, especially since we only have Akuma and Elisa to play around with. Now, for some information on this blonde muscle counter monster. He made his first debut in 1991 SNK classic Fatal Fury, or King of Fighters, and now, in the trailer, we see that he is against Heihachi Misima and they are not friends. It makes you wonder how did Heihachi piss off so many major players in the fighting world. As for fighting style, he seems to have all his 2D moves, plus his powerful counter throw, so he will be relying on the opponent making bad normal and horrible reads. I main Jacks 7 and Dragonov, however, it seems I may have found my next favourite…Although there is no official date of release, we know that Geese Howards will be playable in August…Now to get paid so I can buy the DLC.

Street Fighter 5 – The Next Character is a Final Fight Character?



So, I don’t know what’s happening with Capcom, but I am happy that they are doing crossovers…but Final Fight Abigail, I am not so sure about. I wished they added a more popular choices, not an underrated character, because nobody really cared about him, when Final Fight was out, and what we got now was this over-the-top muscle guy. He is clearly a Street Fighter 5 replacement for Hugo; my only problem is, will people play with him? There were other characters that could have changed the game, however, Capcom didnt’ want to add, or re-add, a character from a previous game such as Haggar, Hugo or Rolento. So, yet again I will not be able to see a new and improved version of Sodom. Anyway, the big muscle man will be crushing heads and giving Zangief a run for his money on July 25th.

Dragonball Fighterz: New Character?



That’s right, Trunks has been officially announced at Evo 2017. Developed by Arc system, Trunks is now the seventh playable character in the game, with his iconic sword-dance move set, and even some Easter eggs from the movies. However, the biggest news is that there will be a closed beta of him where we can register on July 26, which will be coming out on the PS4 and Xbox One! Final interesting facts about the beta is that it will have 9 playable fighters, rumours are hinting to Piccolo and Krillin, which makes sense since they are part of the Z Fighters and one of strongest, except Yamcha (sorry wolf man).

A New Street Fighter EX Game?

sf ex skull.png


So, last year, as an April fool joke, the developer Arika announced a new fighting game, but because of the date, everyone thought it was a joke, though there was a gameplay, it was strange to see the level of detail for a joke game. However, the game is real! It will also include multiple old and classic character, which were exclusive to the EX series, such as Skullomania. In the trailer that was shown at EVO we see multiple fighters: Shirasa, Darun Mister, Hokuto, Garuda and Kairi all in a 3D setting with 2D gameplay elements. Although I am not a massive fan of the EX series, I cannot lie that it has gained my attention. The developers have also promised a “Limited time beta/server test” on the ps4 at the end of 2017 and perhaps early 2018.

Overall there were quite a few surprises at this Evo, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears this 2017, where we got to see new champions and new abilities from players we didn’t see coming. As for me, I’m most excited for the new DLC expansion for Tekken 7, a lot of counter throws are going be performed and I can’t wait.

Hope you enjoy this week post, this is Sugar Daddy telling you to keep gaming.

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