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Hello, everyone, Sugar Daddy here, giving you some gaming tips?

That’s right, I was asked to give a breakdown, and some tips on how to use Darkseid in Injustice 2. If you enjoy this post please leave a like, and comment what other characters you would like to learn about. This could be Superman, or maybe even Swamp Thing, thanks to the new patch that was released, anyway on with the post.



Ok one of the most important things when explaining gameplay, is button layout, so learning the terms of the controller. An example of this is when there is commentary, talking about the gameplay in front of them, they will mostly say something along the lines of “what an armoured back three”, instead of saying the actual input, to not only save time but to make it easier for fans to follow. So with a PS4/XBOX, we have our d-pad and buttons. The button layout, on the right is called 1,2,3,4 which is basically your square (1), triangle (2), X (3) and circle (4). Then, we have your d-pad which is your back, forward, up and down buttons, and anything between. These are the most important parts of this tip post. Now that that’s out of the way we can now move to Darkseid play style and moves.

Who Is Darkseid?

Darkseid is a Zoner character, with his amazing Omega Beams, which knocks your opponent down to the ground, this can be shot towards them or upwards. Plus, it can be meter burned for extra damage, and it tracks your opponent. This will be an important tool in your matches, because this move makes your opponent afraid to move forward, especially when meter burns, because you can also control the directions of the beams, so you can perform some mix-ups. However, do not overuse it because if your enemy is smart, they will be able to duck meter burns, roll out, or even teleport, depending on the character, such as Supergirl.



One other move, which is quite important for Darkseid, is his teleport, which allows him to teleport behind his opponent, and keep his range, which is full-screen. Als,o this is a great tool for starting combos, and even performing mix-ups, the only problem with this move is that it becomes easy to read, so my advice is to use it when you know you can punish your opponent and zone.

Darkseid likes to crush heroes, such as Batman and Superman, whenever he can, after all, he is a god, so Doom Stomp is very important. This move hits low, and does very good damage. It is a very good mix up with a jump 2. You can almost be un-blockable, but this is a move you would want to end with, or use with your teleport to trick your opponent. This can also be meter burned to launch your opponent, which can lead to a tricky mix-up, in the corner or mid screen. However, be careful, because it can be unsafe, on block, meaning it can be punished if blocked.

Now we can discuss on Darkseid best attack strings, the one I use to begin, end and use during combos are listed below.


FEEL MY WRATH: 2,2 + (1+3)



You may be wondering “why is the list so small?”. Pro players, use these combo strings because of the ability to pressure, and still hit high and mix up his ability’s. It is also used most often on online Ranked matches.



All characters in Injustice 2 have one character power, which is the circle button on the controller, aka 4. So with Darkseid, his character power is the ability to summon three different kinds of parademons. By default, he summons a flying demon, and when you press 4, he shoots a projection, which is very helpful in extending combos in the corner. Pressing forward and 4 will send the demon flying towards the opponent, which also knocks them back, allowing you to play keep away. Now, pressing forward + 4 summons a parademon, close to the opponent which will then blow up. However, the damage is not that great, so use this to make sure your opponent doesn’t move, so you can chip them down with your Omega Beams. The next parademon can be summoned by pressing back +4. It will summon the charging demon, which will launch a demon overhead, allowing you to do mix-ups and scare your opponent, you can also use this tool to push them closer to the corner, or go into your teleport. The most important thing about this one is to put pressure, however, be careful, because one hit can instantly remove them.

Darkseid’s super move has armor and is a ranged attack, but with the damage that it does, there isn’t really any reason to use it unless it will finish the opponent. Then again it is quite fun to control the laser and keep the opponent guessing.

Now, these combos are the ones that I found useful and quite enjoyable. First off, the basics:

F+2, 3 – 2,2,1+3

F+3 – J+2 – 2,2,1+3

J+3,QCF+3MB – 2,2,1+3

These combos should help you to understand the character and how he uses his moves, but when getting into the longer pro combos, you will need to be able to time the moves and meter burn on time.

J+2 – F+2,3 – B+1, U+3MB – B+3 – J+2 – J+3 – QCF+3

That is the one combo that pros use for max damage. However, you are able to replace the ending with whatever you want, depending on the situation. An example of this is the Omega Beams, you can push them away or you could use one of his attack string to move the opponent closer to the corner. The most important tool for Darkseid’s combos is using and meter burning UXAS.

4-J+2 – 3 – B, F+3 – J+3 QCF+3

Doing more research, I saw that the are a lot of heavy combos, using two-meter burns in the corner. This one combo was from TRUEUNDERDAWGGAMING:

4-J+2 – 3 –B, F+3 – 4 –J+3, QCF+3MB – B+1, U+3MB – F+3 -3 – B, F+3



My only concern is that, not only do you need amazing timing to pull off this combo, but you need very good meter management, because it requires a parademon and 2 bars. However, the results are incredible, due to the fact that it can remove half a life bar, and in some cases more.

Well, I hope you enjoy this breakdown of the mighty Darkseid if you enjoy this post, leave a comment on another character you want to see.

This is Sugar Daddy telling you to keep on gaming.

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