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Hello, everyone, it’s your gaming blogger Sugar Daddy!

I’m here to tell you that Injustice 2 is so close to release, and I am so excited to share my thoughts on some concepts of the game and what I think of it so far. I’d also like to tell you who I think many players will be using and who I will be using.


Ok, let us just get this out of the way, if I have to pick my Top 5 characters that I want to learn how to play and will enjoy, then these 5 will be the ones I main.

1. Darkseid

Of course this guy was going to be on my top 5 list. He is a god and one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe, plus I have been waiting to destroy my enemies with omega beams for…a…long…time. Looking at the gameplay, it seems like Darkseid will be a zoner character, mostly focusing on mid and long distances. However, if need be, he will grab you and hit you with multiple overheads, and mid’s, then finish you off with his beams. He also has the ability to summon multiple minions to help aid him. One of them will able to shoot a blast, to help extend or stop combos. The other seems to have the ability to… blow up.



Did I mention that Darkseid is an evil god, who wants to find the anti-life equations, so yeah he is not the kindest god, but a vengeful one. So, players will need to learn how to space well, but if they are getting too close, you can also use his teleport and then defend. Darkseid is going to be one of most interesting spacing characters, but he is not the only one, so this god will have to be careful.

2. Gorilla Grodd

From a god to an ape, more precise a gorilla. If we have learnt anything from the big silver screen, it’s that they are powerful. So, what happens if you give an ape super intelligence, and a telepathic move sets? You get this brute, who’s sole goal is to subjugate mankind. What can this ape bring to the table? He is a powerhouse, and has quite a few strings that can help him counter projectiles from his opponent, when activating his trait.



Plus he gains new moves, including one which basically makes your opponent punch himself in the face, which is very satisfying to watch. So with this character, you will want to stay close but as well you can keep mid-distance so whoever goes against the leader of society, you are going to feel the pain. My recommendation is to get in close and hit hard especially in the corner were you could pull off some interesting power moves and end with his grabs.

3. Scarecrow

Ok, now out of the batman villain gallery, Scarecrow is by far one of the coolest. He uses fear gas, in his setup to bring down his opponents. I have always liked these cool-looking Halloween characters! Judging from his gameplay, he’s yet another zoner character, due to his chain and trait power, which acts more like a ultimate combo, than anything else. This is because he is able to damage anyone over time. Every fear gas moves helps add to the trait and once it is fully charged, he can stun his opponent and even reset them. This allows Scarecrow to launch his enemy into the air, giving him an easy 3 combos back.



So, who wouldn’t enjoy this character? You also need to know your spacing, and as someone who enjoys his pokes, since he has one of the longest range, due to his spinning chain and hook, he thrives in his normal mode, making people scared or think twice about either jumping him or move in too close. Scarecrow will definitely be one of the hardest people to face against, but one of the most fun to play with.

4. Supergirl

There have been a lot of guys on this list, but if there is one person that we all want to play as, and was demanded to be put into the game, it’s  Supergirl. So, a quick breakdown of this new hero is that she is a child of Kara Zor-el, and witnessed the destruction of Krypton. She arrived on earth decades later and discovered Superman, who has been imprisoned.



Gameplay-wise she seems to be the perfect blend of Mortal Kombat X: Scorpion, and Injustice: Superman, with the ability to teleport and to shoot laser beams all around the arena. Otherwise you can save it up to then push with a much bigger and longer range heat vision, which seems to be a good combo ender, or a tool to get out of the corner, if you don’t want to risk using your teleport. Basically, she is going to be easy to pick up, and for any Scorpion fans, they should feel right at home with her. Plus if you want, you will be able to customise her to look like her Powergirl counterpart, which I am sure Powergirl fans will be happy about.

5. Spawn

Yes he is not in the game, however, Ed boon once stated on multiple occasions that the would be a guest character, and since he was first rumoured to be in Mortal Kombat X, it would only make sense, this time round, to be in a superhero game, where we would get to see Spawn fighting Batman and the Joker. So, a quick rundown of this character’s origin: AI Simmons, a highly trained assassin, who was considered to be the best in his field, even going so far as to saved the President, from an assassination attempt, was sent on a mission, to kill a target, but this is a dark hero, so we need some form of death. Cue the death by betrayal from a friend/partner. Spawn ends up going to hell, and making a deal with a demonm called Malebolgia, so he could see his wife and kid, but in return he would lead his hell-spawn army. This anti-hero is the definition of the 90s dark and edgy comics, the man has a cape that puts Dr. Strange to shame, superhuman strength, speed, heightened senses, the list goes on. This really makes him even stronger. He once killed God and the Devil! That is insane! So, how would he play?



Well he is able to control and manipulate something called necroplasm, which is the source of his power. However his main weapon is his symbiotic suit (Called Leetha) this allows him to create weapons that he wants such as blades and chains, but since he was a soldier…guns really big guns. I believe he would play similar to Death Stroke, but with some hints of Superman, due to the fact he is skilled in hand to hand combat, and he uses his suit to create weapons that can destroy even demons. Hopefully, he is in the game as DLC because it would make the game much better. Basically if it were a 10/10 now, then Spawn will make it an 11.

So, those are my Top 5 characters I will use, and also believe will be seeing a lot, on ranked and public matches. The other points that I can make about the game is loot boxes will be purchased with game money. and our own money. So, we’ll be able to change the appearance and stats of our main heroes and villains, with exclusive shades and looks, such as John Steward for Green Lantern. Warner Bros. also announced the idea of the multi-verse game, which will give more lore to certain characters, almost having mini stories and certain challenges, making it similar to MKX towers. For example, if you’re level one, and you’re playing Batman, and you go up against a level 20 Joker, it makes it hard to defeat this mini-boss, because he has much better gear than your Batman!


I hope you enjoyed my choices, hope to see all you online when Injustice 2 is released on May 19, please leave a like and support this blog.

This is Sugar Daddy telling you to keep on gaming. Have a wonderful evening.

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