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I would like to start of by apologizing for my recent absence. This was mostly due to my Mac being damaged and needing repairs, but now that it’s fixed I can finally write again. Also, it seems a lot has happened recently, especially with the latest Nether Realm game Injustice 2. With its recent beta tests ending soon and the reveal of multiple new characters, it’s time for my Top 5 list of Injustice 2 characters. Just to be clear, these are the characters that will be in the game and I’ll be excited for, and characters I would like to see in the game either on release or DLC.

Number 5: Swamp Thing

I have wanted to see this character, since the first Injustice game in 2013. The moment Ed Boon announced the idea of DLC characters and  said, “out of the four characters, which do you want?”, And swamp thing being one, I flipped out and began spamming twitter, begging for Ed to put him in. Now that he’s in Injustice 2, I must say I am impressed with his play style, using nature and logs to push back his opponent and being able to command throw anyone from any distance.



In effect, he’s both a blessing and a curse, due to him playing similar to MK9 Noob and Injustice Man Hunter. He is going to be annoying to face against, and fun to play with. I’m so excited for Swamp Thing, just because we’ll have one of the element forces avatars called the green. By the way he has beaten superman and is a consisted heavy hitter in the DC universe, due to him controlling all of plant life, even space people. So, treat your plants with care or he will hurt you.

Number 4: Animal Man

Ok he’s not in the game, or has been announced as a DLC playable character, but hear me out. I know he is not a fan favourite like “Beast boy” or “ Star fire” but what if I told you Animal Man was more powerful than you think? Beast Boy can only tap into a small faction of what Animal Man’s power is. The “Red” which allows the user or avatar to connect to all animal life, gives him the ability to fly and have the strength of any predator. That’s pretty damn cool!



Plus he is friends with Swamp Thing since they’re protectors of the element forces. This would also be good connection that introduces him to the Injustice world. It will also allow a completely new character to get his time on the small screen. Finally (spoilers) if you played Injustice Solomon Grundy arcade story, his ending explains why he was able to connect with the “Red” and is allowed to destroy the entire city by himself. Also, this could be a hint to this character being in the game, due to the fact of some backstory being there already.

Number 3: Red Hood

This is a fan favourite. To be honest I’m not sure why he’s so popular; I guess its because he’s batman but with guns. My issue with this character, however, is the idea that we have a character who has guns and that’s “dead shot”, but if they were able to change his play style, by adding his signature knife skills and adding combos, like MKX Erron black, then he would be a welcome addition to the game.



It would be entertaining to watch gamers play a character like that, let alone a pro player. As for gear system, we could also see the Arkham knight skin. This would be a bonus to fans of the Arkham games. Even I would like to see the dialogue between Robin: Damian Wayne and Jason Todd; it would also be interesting to see which side Red Hood would take.

Number 2: Firestorm

How is this character not even being talked about? One of the most underrated characters ever, this hero has a very unique set of powers and personality, his powers include being able to rearrange atomic and subatomic structures or inorganic matter, to whatever he wants… WHAT! That means he can create a tiny green rock out of nothing, which can make Superman very ill.



I imagine him being similar to Cinder from Killer Instinct, constantly burning you over time, or having a trait that allows him to burn you more, or creating anything he wants to, that can buff or nerf who ever he fights. This adds almost a guessing element for the opponent, and I believe players who main Kotal Kahn, from MKX, would enjoy playing this character, and if Ed Boon plays the cards right, Firestorm would be a very enjoyable character from release.

Number 1: Darkseid

Darkseid is worshipped as an evil god, and a mortal enemy to the high father. His sole purpose is to discover the anti-life equation. One of the most powerful beings in existence and leader of the planet apokolips, we first saw him as a stage transition in the first game and he was playable in the mobile game, but we finally have him in Injustice 2, as a pre order bonus.



I have always wanted to play this character, just because of his omega beams and his character as a whole. The moment I saw him in Justice League Unlimited and DC’s animated films, I knew that this guy was the real deal. He’s called Thanos in the Marvel universe, and I just can’t wait to see him in Injustice 2. Although I’m worried he’ll be treated like Gorro from MKX, due to him being a pre-order bonus, I amd hopeful they pay close attention to him, just because  this character is a badass, and what he could bring to the game as a whole would make any DC fan interested! “All Hail Darkseid”.

Well there you have it, my top 5 favourite characters of the new game Injustice 2. I hope you can agree with me on them, if not, let us know what your favourite characters are, and which ones you can’t wait to play! Leave your comments below, and I’ll see you all next week!

From your gaming partner in crime,

Sugar Daddy (a.k.a. SBK)

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