Feather’s Games: League of Legends – Pre-Game And Basic Knowledge

Learning The Simplicities

Hello all! It’s LL, back again to teach you the basics of League of Legends. Today, as promised from the last blog, we will look into lobbies before games, the different game modes and the very basics of starting a game and what to follow.


Without further ado, let’s start.

Pre-Game Lobby

So like most MOBA games, before you even enter the arena you have a pre-game lobby. When you start up the League of Legends client, you’ll have the ‘Play’ button in the top left corner of the window. From this you get to choose your game type/map and mode. When in the next window there will be 3 icons, in which are the different maps you can play on. Each map is different in its style and design. You have the Twisted Treeline which is a 3v3 arena, ARAM (All random all mid) which is a 5v5 solo lane map and finally Summoner’s Rift which is the main map and stage that everyone will always play.


Those are the different maps to choose from, but the modes, however, change everything. ARAM is simple, it only has a normal mode which will queue you up instantly. Because ARAM is one lane it is solely focused on team fights, communication with teammates and you building the correct item path with your champion. When it comes to Twisted Treeline there are 2 modes, Normal and Ranked. As it’s called, Ranked mode places you into divisions (basically the higher better you play, the higher your rank), whereas Normal mode is more for fun and practice. But Summoner’s Rift has 4 different modes (too many in my opinion). Blind Pick, which means that whatever you pick you get: first come first serve basically. Draft Pick takes you into the mechanics of pre-game lobby more seriously (I’ll explain shortly). Ranked Solo/Duo, which again places you into divisions, in which you can climb to reach a higher rank on your own, or with one friend. Finally Ranked Flex takes you into ranked play with a full team of five friends.

What Happens In The Pre-Game Lobby?


This image above is the old pre-game lobby, but I’ll use it to explain how it goes. So each of the five boxes, on each side represents each player. How Blind Pick goes is that once you reach this screen then you have to call your lane quickly, and select your champion quickly as well. It is a battle in Blind Pick, as a lot of people get annoyed that they don’t get their role. When it comes to any of the other game modes it will have a system in which you will randomly be put into any of the boxes. If you are at the top, then you will get first pick on your team, and it will progress down eventually. With the new client it will actually place you in your role when you enter this screen, so that there is no fighting with your teammates. The only ‘fighting’ that will happen is when picking your champion, as other teammates may want them for their lane as well. The final thing to mention about Draft and Ranked game modes is that there is a banning stage as well. So before picking your champion, you get to choose a champion to ban for the game you will enter. With all your teammates and opponents, that is ten champions that will be banned, which means you will need to be very diverse with your champion/skill pool.

Basic In Gameplay

So, you’ve picked your champion, your summoner spells and all your runes. Now you enter the game! You teleport into your spawn platform and are introduced to all the other champions/teammates, right next to a shop. A shop?? Well like every other MOBA, in order to become stronger you need to buy items with the gold you earn. You will always start with 500 gold at the start of every Summoner’s Rift game. This usually allows you to get one small item and a few health potions. The shop can only be accessed when you are on your spawn platform, meaning when you have a lot of gold and you are in lane you’ll have to ‘back’ buy. You can also buy stuff when you die (as you’ll technically respawn next to it) but you don’t always want to die to your opponents. How do you earn gold?? Well, you do generate gold over time in game, but its not much. The main way to get gold is via 3 ways. Killing minions/monsters, killing your opponent champions or destroying your opponents towers/inhibitors.


So the easiest (still hard to do) is killing minions and monsters. Monsters are easier as that is usually the junglers role however killing minions are harder. Unfortunately you need to last hit/get the last blow onto a minion to gain its gold. Minions will spawn at both teams’ bases, and travel down each lane, to put pressure on it. This means you have to determine the pace of it. The second way of gaining money is killing your opponents, which is down to your individual skill on each champion compared to your opponent. The final way to gain money is destroying your opponents towers. Each lane will have 3 towers and an inhibitor. With destroying each tower your team will gain some global gold and whoever gets the last blow on the tower (again a lot of emphasis on getting the killing blow) gains a little more money.

Final Summary

Today’s blog has come across as a bit hectic and may seem like an overload of information but just go back through it all and you’ll get the gist of it. You’ve learned the easiest part of League which is all of the pre-game lobby works. Well…most of it but don’t worry you’ll understand in time. And learning about the shop is an important part into learning how you build your champion. That will be one of many important subjects to help you understand how to get ahead of your opponent as well as countering them.

That wraps up this blog, next time we will discuss more about runes and masteries. That’s it! You may think well hang on that’s not much too talk about. Trust me, it’s A LOT to take in.

Until next time, keep on gaming


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