Feather’s Games: Runes Reforged

Learning The Simplicities

Hello all! It’s LL, back again to teach you more about League of Legends. Again we are staying consistent with the content and sticking to the plans I make. Today we’re focusing on runes and masteries, which are extremely vital in MOBA games.


Without further ado, let’s start.

What Are They?

Okay, so this is actually gonna end up helping you a lot. There are no loner masteries! But wait you told us last week there was runes and masteries LL, you’re a liar! Now hold on, what’s happened is that the game developers (Riot Games) wanted to create a reforged system that is both easier to understand, and more diverse in separating the spells to specific roles/champions/play styles. As mentioned in my first League of Legends post there are 5 categories. Precision, Domination, Resolve, Sorcery and Inspiration.


These runes are used to give you (your champion in game) either one or a few of these selections. Extra stats to your champion, effects in which are used to assist your champion, buffs the ability to gain extra gold, and finally the ability to change summoner spells. NOW!! This does not mean you can have all of these effects. It is a very selective situation in which you need to decide what your champion, role and play style is like. This will then determine what path is best suited for you, as well as other potential paths you can take that can assist your teams play style or your own play style.

So How Many Effects And/Or Buffs Can I Have?


Here is an example, to show you each rune page. A page equates to one set that you can select when in lobby. It allows you to have specific pages for certain champions. So this picture above shows that they have taken the ‘Sorcery’ path. The sorcery path is used for more mage characters, as it suits to their damage and play style. Now, you see the one big icon and three smaller ones underneath? Each of those icons gives you a three choice options. The large icon is your main option, you choose it and the three below are more ‘technical’ options that really meld together your rune page. AS WELL as this, you get to pick two options from another rune type. In this case they have chosen ‘Precision’, with two of the ‘technical’ options. THAT is therefore a rune page. I may make it sound simple (or difficult) but it gets extremely technical. Each selection can make or break your build in game, depending on your skill compared to your opponent’s.

Okay So How Do I Know What A Good Build Is?

In all honesty, the best way to find out what is a good build is to experiment. Go into the rune page creator and just make a page, see how it works on a champion you like, and if you win or lose a few games, you’ll know if it’s good or not. If you want some guidance, then you can always look at YouTube videos, League streamers on Twitch or even tutorials on League of Legends websites and forums. Personally, I can get advice from all these places but of course, it depends on how I play, compared to theirs. I’ll show you one of my rune pages that I use when I play in the jungle.


This main path is ‘Domination’ and it’s mainly used for assassin champions/burst damage champions. As well as this, I picked ‘Resolve’ as my secondary rune type, as I want an extra bit of defence/tankiness when fighting.  So, each selection has its description of what it does underneath, but I’ll skim over it all for you. Now with this page, I gain ‘adaptive damage’, extra burst of lethality and/or magic penetration, and movement speed after taking out champions, as well as some extra health, armour and magic resist over time. This page I mainly use for ‘Lee Sin’ who is used as a bruiser jungler, it allows me to be able to deal a lot of burst damage as well as being tanky enough to withstand some damage as well.

Final Summary

Overall I have taught you the basics on the new runes reforged and how it works. You gain four main buffs/effects with your main rune choices, as well as two extra choices from another rune type to help gain you the technical advantage you need for your specific play styles. It takes a lot of detail to go into each and every single technicality, so I won’t be analysing every single rune spot. However, if you want me to talk about any of the specific rune pages/styles with specific champions leave a comment and I’ll get back to you on it.

That wraps up this blog, next time we’ll move onto the actual champions and which ones are meant to be picked for their respective lanes. Post any comments towards the blog and what you want done in the future regarding League blogs.

Until next time, keep on gaming


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