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Hello my Jedi or should I say Sith Lords.

We have had a taste of a Star Wars Battlefront and to be fair we enjoyed it, but we were also a bit disappointed. Now, however, with the latest news of Star Wars Battlefront 2, could we be seeing a Star Wars game that we have always wanted to play?

With that in mind, hi my name is Sugar Daddy and in this post, I will be giving you my thoughts on the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 news and attempt to answer that one very important question: is it going to be good?




So, with the first game, we were given a massive, multiplayer shooter, set with a Star Wars theme. I guess it’s safe to say, it was Battlefield 3 and 4 but re-skinned with Star Wars. However, it was still satisfying to use, the iconic weapons of the Star Wars franchise including Han Solo’s blaster. Speaking of Han Solo, we were also given the treat to play as our favourite Star Wars character, with hero pick-up, the only problem was it was rare to find, and you didn’t always get who you wanted. So, if you wanted to play Darth Vader, there were times you got Boba Fett, or the Sith Emperor, which was quite annoying at times. With all of this, we the fans, still wanted more. We thought it was strange that the first game did not have a single campaign, but with the recent success of single player games making a comeback, it seems that Battlefront 2 will deliver an original and new story, with new characters, set in between episode 6 and 7 of the film series.

We follow Iden Versio, who is a member of the Imperial Forces Elite Ops Unit, called Inferno Squad, which by the way is an interesting name for a squad of storm troopers. During the trailer, we see her character witness the destruction of the second Death Star on the planet Endor, now she wishes to avenge her deceased emperor. So, this is a revenge story but with a twist, because you are a commander of the Empire.

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By the way, I just want to say that I have always wanted to play a game Star Wars game, as part of the Empire, to understand what they would go through and what they felt about the war. So, this game will hopefully answer my question on the subject. Was it all that bad as a soldier for the empire? Another important element of the story is how we will follow Iden for about 30 years, which also leads into the seventh film, this was mentioned when Euro gamer had an interview with game director Mark Thompson and Matt Webster, who said that the story would be a continuous one, with a “beginning, middle and an end”, instead of the Battlefront style, which were separate missions.

In Battlefront 2 we will see how certain worlds were affected by the events of the sixth film, and we will and try to understand how people came about loving and embracing the Empire. This means the focus of this story will be how the Empire had heroes, and with Walt Williams on the writing table, I believe we will have a good, yet complex story, since Walt William was also the lead writer for Spec Ops: The Liner, one of the most underestimated and greatest examples of intelligent storytelling in gaming.


 One of the biggest news that was confirmed for this second outing into the stars, is the return of space battle. Although we do not have more information on this, and how it will play out, it’s safe to say that the days of flying in space, with the X-wings will return. Hopefully, we can engage with the ground battle and not have separate match types. With that in mind the multiplayer aspect will focus on all eras of the Star Wars lore, so if you are fan of the original, or the prequels, you will be happy. We may even get the chance to play as an old or young Obi-Wan, due to the fact you cannot have Darth Maul, and not have the option to recreate that legendary battle in Phantom Menace. Also if you pre-order you will also get the characters from the Last Jedi, which will be released in December. This will include Rey and “the Master of the Knights of Ren” Kylo Ren. Let’s just hope we can also get old man Luke Skywalker, since it is said in legends, he was the most powerful Jedi in terms of the force.


Ok I did not have a problem with the first game, but like most fans of gaming, we are able to get bored easily that’s why, sadly, this game died out so quickly. If we were given a diverse range of game modes, this may have allowed us to be more interested in Battlefront, so hopefully we get more and different modes in this one, because in the first game all the modes were quite similar.

We all know the is going to be DLC, but the first game was way too expensive, and with micro-transaction in every game now, it’s becoming too much. So I hope they add in some free DLC content, for those who can’t afford to buy anything after buying the game.

Finally, Split-Screen is important to me, just because I would play with my friends. It’s fun! This would also take us back to the original design of the game, but most importantly make the fans of the classic happy.




Stars Wars Battlefront 2 will be released on November 17, 2017. This means it’s going to be some good months for Star Wars fans, leading up to the theatrical release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yes, the game will be ahead of the film, but it will allow us to get a feel, and to become a little more hyped for the film, when it is released. This may also give us a heads up on new locations, new weapons, and ships of the upcoming film.

So what do you think of Battlefront 2, are you excited? If so leave a comment below and perhaps subscribe. We provide gaming content every week.

This was Sugar Daddy telling you guys to keep gaming, bye.

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