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Hello, gamers it’s Sugar Daddy here…

Trying to answer the question that everyone wants to know, and give my opinion on this subject. So hope you enjoy this post and let’s get to it.


With consoles arriving at its Mid-generation highlights, a lot of people are thinking about upgrading to a more beefed out system, so they can enjoy the thrill of playing at 4k graphics, and watching the limited edition black case blue ray box thing(?).

But is it worth it? 

With project Scorpio on the rise, and specs showing it to be a must more powerful console than the ps4 pro, and even some developers almost praise it for being the best thing ever, we, the consumers, have to now think about buying this god-gaming-device, in order to see if it is all that it’s out to be. However, with gaming not getting cheaper, and in fact getting more expensive, is it going to be really worth it?


Out of the entire ranges of consoles, the PC is, in my opinion, the best. Depending on what you build, and what you need, it can be all done on one machine. This means we can play a game, record them, and stream to thousands of fans all at once. It allows us to basically multi-task. This, to me, is one of the things I wish games consoles could do much better. Sadly, it’s basic, but it gets the job done, which is the important thing.


The biggest deal of the PC motherboard, however, is that it’s a PC! It’s basically everything you need, from work to leisure, and you don’t need to travel anywhere to use it (that is if you have one of your own). As for games, you can play a much bigger range of them, for only half the price (of a console one), especially when those steam sales comes on (which is like Zeus spitting at you, but it turns out to be honey).


So to those who are used to consoles, like me, looking at the keyboard and mouse may seem a bit intimating, but I actually prefer playing on it, than the controller. Although I’m not yet used to the concept, the precision and aim on the PC is so much better than the controller, just because of the mouse. In my opinion, it’s faster and reacts a lot more quickly, than when I’m using the controller.


One of the examples of this is when I was playing Overwatch, on the console. It was fun and my timing was on point, but it felt like something was missing. After that I played Paladin and Counter Strike: GO, on the Mac, and I was in shock of how it felt. My aim was quicker and better, and almost smoother! So, after a while of trying out these shooters, I almost stopped playing the console, altogether. It felt like there was more to offer gameplay-wise on my Mac.


Ok, now the PC MASTER RACE, may want to hang me, because I said I play games on a Mac, but at the end of the day, I’m still able to play. I can experience games that I want to play, the way it was meant to be played, with a mouse and keyboard. Besides, I invested in a good gaming mouse, which is the Razer Ouroboros (which by the way, if you want me to talk about in the next post, then please leave a comment down below).


Ok, so, the exact console output has still not been talked about, but what we do know is that the Xbox Scorpio will be capable of outputting 4k with a solid 60 frames per second, thanks to the console’s graphics processing card, and its “12 GB GDDR5 RAM”, unlike the PS4 PRO 8GB GDDR5 RAM. This means, the PS4 doesn’t have the better power, in the graphics sense. It’s said that the Scorpio’s will also support an “Adaptive screen tearing technology”, also known as FreeSync.


Going through this tech, I found out that it’s mostly used in PCs, so this will help the Xbox cope with instant tearing, much more efficiently. Thus its “shape”, for a lack of a better word, is more powerful than the PS4. However, although we want to have the dream job that can buy us anything we want, not everyone has it. So, we have to think hard, if we truly want this console. After all, the PS4 PRO will set you back 350 pounds and although we don’t exactly know the price of the Xbox Scorpio, the rumours say that it could be anywhere between 500 to 600 pounds.


In terms of pure power between the PS4 PRO and the XBOX Scorpio the Xbox will most likely to win. However, if you don’t have a 4k TV, and a 2.1 HDMI port, to allow for the best gaming experience, then it’s almost pointless in owning this console. If you do, then go for it, you’ll be able to experience games in high settings without worrying about frames drops.


In my opinion, I would save up the money and buy a much more powerful gaming console, and join the PC master race. Even though the are only some exclusive that I do want to play on the console, I don’t see the point, in investing in this system yet; unless I had already the games and TV to enjoy it. So for me, PC has won this. Don’t get me wrong, console gaming will always be one of my favourite ways to play a game, but when we see developers drop new hardware like this, and we see what PC can do, it makes you wonder, do I buy this the latest, and truly most advanced gaming hardware? Or do I buy something much older that can get the job done?

Anyway those are just a few of my ideas on this subject. Personally, I would suggest investing in a PC, but if you do have the money then go get one of those consoles. I’m happy with my PS4, and still I’m looking forward to playing the latest releases on it (God Of War 4Last Of Us 2, etc.).

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This was Sugar Daddy, telling you to keep gaming. Bye guys.

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