Game Year: 2016 in Review

Hello everyone! 

It has been a while since my last post. However, with a new year we have new games, but that’s for another post. Today we will be talking about my top 5 games of 2016. Yes, these are my favourites, so if you feel like I left one of yours out, I’m sorry there was nothing I could do. It just didn’t make the cut, but if you’d like leave a comment below, feel free.

Number One – Overwatch

You knew this game was going to be on this list. Overwatch is one of the best first person shooters made in recent years, with over 20 million players playing it. I just have to say, Blizzard made another masterpiece. If I remember, the last brand new game they announced was StarCraft.



However, when Overwatch was released, it blew up the market, with its amazing characters, almost comic themed animations and cooperative tactics, which means players had to think carefully about the characters they picked, to make sure it matched with the team’s flow. Plus you might save money, because once you get into the game, you won’t stop playing it. It’s so addictive, it’s almost as if you don’t need to buy another game! Oh yeah…Damn those loot boxes, but those skins tho!

Number Two: Doom

Now I am going to tell you a dream I had once, which scared the living hell out of me, it was so bad I could not sleep for at least a good two weeks. I was in hell and an ugly demon was raping women and men, then it looked at me and it would walk to me and then I would wake up. Basically, I think I was raped in the dream, but then a game was released that made me feel like I could scream f**k you and beat the sh*t out of that ugly demon!



This was Doom, a reboot of the series and oh boy was I happy, killing demons and feeling like a badass. Doom is a fast game, when I played it. Of course, it was always about speed and gory kills, but it still demands precision, which makes it challenging. This game is true to the original and is breath of fresh air, compared to most other shooters. Though the multiplayer aspect is a little boring, it has its moments. Also, I had the dream again, the only difference was I had the BFG pointed at it, with Liam Neeson next to me, and ordering me to “FIRE!”.

Number Three: Dark Souls 3

Ok this one is hard because I have only played it a few times, but the feeling of killing the bosses in this game was brilliant! Dark Souls 3 maintains its intense reputation of being a very hard game, but its beautiful, gothic themes and well-designed sound makes you feel like a warrior, with nothing to lose and a goal to press on, even though you know you’re going to die (Stupid flaming sword guy… with clones).



Dark Souls 3 does suffer with some frame rates dips, when facing some bosses, but it never stopped me from wanting to play it more. With every level, I felt more powerful and discovering new areas was chilling, yet exciting. Sadly, this is the last one of the series, and I believe it was a great send off. Its art and weapons designs are amazing, and with its stunning bosses and enemies, it is and was a powerful journey, to anyone one who dared to take this route (by the way your gonna die like…x135).

Number Four: Final Fantasy XV

By far one of the greatest games ever made…Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare… I can’t do it, that game can be sent to a black hole, to a different universe, or obliterated into nothingness (if I can help it), but I can’t say anything because I have it. Sad times…But taking number four, is Final Fantasy XV.



This time we follow Prince Noctis and his friends: Gladiolus, Ignis and prompt to defeat the evil white man dressed in white, I think this game was based on chess, so maybe we should call it Final Fantasy XV: The Black And White Nobility. Anyway, hunting those iconic Final Fantasy monsters, on such a huge scale is truly amazing and though some fans may not like it, due to it not being turn base, it is still true to its lore and design, and from the moment you pick up your weapon, with your brothers, you will feel like you are in their world (of course I’m more excited for Kingdom Hearts 3…my opinion).

Number Five: Battlefield 1

Oh my god…this game is a World War I simulator. It is scary, how mad the gameplay is. To survive, you have to think as if you are really there. You can’t just run into the field; you have to wait, make a plan and work with your squad, or your gonna get sniped, every time and believe me it’s so annoying! However, this game doesn’t waste any time in showing the brutality of the war, and the death that came with it. Don’t believe me? Play the prologue.



This games shows the beauty and heroism, of every man, who went to defend our country and our world (plus the graphics and engine used in this game, brings out the colour and lighting, which is incredible). The most important thing that draws players to it, is its big open-scaled multiplayer dimension, and trust me…its big! Overall it was a different take on this franchise, which was most needed. With modes like conquest and operations, it brings its unique touch to the genre of first person shooters and with its dynamically destructible environments and balanced mechanics, it makes you feel like a solider of that era and almost makes you respect them a little more.

So, these are my Top 5, what’s yours, leave a comment below and see you next time.

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