Let’s Call Him Einstein!

Hello Everyone!

Feather here with the very first video from No Input…ok so it’s not the very first video, but it is our very first official video! As with the trailer before, the quality’s not great, and admittedly there were many slip ups when we started to edit this thing! Let’s just say, my footage was not that great since I was testing something out and…it went horribly wrong. I know now not to change the settings of the game window, since it messes up with the recording software I’m working with.



Anyway, here’s the video as promised. This one was made with much “hum”-ing and “umm”-ing, since we were very short on time and lacked certain materials *cough*I’m sorry*cough*! But we made one nonetheless, and from the looks of it, one of us has become a very avid fan of a certain TV show…



Ok, so yes, it was me! I edited this, but hey can you blame a girl for adding what she loves to something she wanted to make for the world? Wow that was a long sentence! Back on track…yes I’ve currently become a super Supernatural fan, and hopefully throughout the course of our “growing up” period, you’ll most likely see many more references to the many fandoms I’ve signed up for. Let’s see if you can catch up and count them all!



Enough stalling!

You want the video? You’ve got it!

The Inspiration

Ok, so mostly the inspiration for the title came from SBK’s slip up at the start of the video. Instead of calling Heimerdinger (which is the name of a character in League of Legends) by his real name, Heimerdinger, SBK decided to call the little mechanic Einstein!




To this:



I can see where he’s coming from, and he’s not wrong…he’s just…well…he’s SBK, let’s put it at that, and you’ll probably see more of his little antics in our next videos, which will be up soon…once we’ve sorted out internal stuff, that is rather quite important for our growing company (Yes we are ambitious! We really do hope one day we are a fully-fledged company!). So while we may be on a hiatus for now, we’ll let you know when we’ve finally gotten out of our rut!



So for now this is Feather, signing out!

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

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