Feather’s Games Episode 1 – A Modern Bungalow

Hello everyone,

Feather reporting in for duty! Finally this section is taking off. For years I’ve been putting these projects on hold because I simply didn’t have time or the energy to take them up, but thanks to a little thing I like to call “time management” I’ve finally fit it into my schedule. So, welcome to the very first Games section post! I’m so psyched!

Anyway, so what am I debuting this section with? Well, I thought, let’s start with a simple house, and work our way out. As some of you probably already know (from simply knowing me) I have a very good hand at interior design, especially when I’m playing The Sims. Yes I like building the houses more than playing the game! I know! That’s not what the game is meant for! But hey! To each his own right?

Well, let’s get on with things. Check out the video below, to see what I did for this house, and if you want to read all about the details of this project, you can read the post below to see what I thought when I built this house.

The House in Summary

So, what did I call this house? Well, for a very long time I called it A Modern Bungalow…and the name just stuck, so that’s what we’re calling it from now on. It is a basic one floor, one bedroom bungalow, which (in the real world) would be something you’d start out with. However, The Sims don’t really follow “IRL” standards, so the house costs around $90 000 (in Simoleons). It has an open living, dining and kitchen area, which you walk into, through the front door, a bathroom, on its left, and the bedroom on its right. It’s pretty straightforward and would be ideal for bachelors or those who’d like to live a “hermit” lifestyle.

Whole house

Now for the details

The Kitchen

Ok so, as you can tell, the kitchen, living and dining area are all in one place. At first I wanted to make an island, for the person living in this house to sit and eat, but it took up much room, so I ended up going with an open space living plan. I wanted the kitchen to be modern and look good enough for such a small house. When I started out, I hoped to make it a bachelor pad, but then I thought, hey, s/he could be a rich hermit (since the house was quite expensive). So as you can see (from the poor angle), I kept it black, with a bit of tan, to spice it up a bit, and as the main feature of the house…the stone wall! I love this wall! It’s so cool. When I started building houses, I was the conventional plain white and wallpaper, but when I discovered the masonry paints, I went all out!


The Living and Dining Area

Ok so there was so much more I wanted to do for this space, since it’s quite literally the heart-space, but because of limited room I had to make do. So yes, big, flat screen TV on the wall right there. I knew I should have gone for something simpler, but hey, he’s a rich hermit, who likes to live in a small place, but have a big TV. Let him have what he wants! As for the dining room, I pushed the table up against the wall, because obviously I didn’t have much space for it otherwise, and I would have my Sims eating on the counter, or worse, on the couch! I didn’t want that, so I thought, make it unconventional, put it against the wall, and see what happens, and it worked! Oh yes, and the walls, I thought, since he’s a simplistic kind of guy (who so happens to love art), make the walls all white and fill the room with decorations and pictures, make it all so “fancy” for a small house. Oh yes, and you see the fancy window on the right? That’s the second main feature of the room. I know people can see into your home and whatnots, but wen you’re a modern hermit, who loves art, and who just happens to be rich; you can’t help but flaunt your stuff. Plus, all the images of modern homes I’ve seen so far don’t have curtains, so we’ll excuse him for now.

Dining   Living and Dining


The Bathroom

Ok so this is my favourite part of the build. I don’t know, there’s something about building bathrooms that I love. Of course, I haven’t downloaded any custom content yet, so I can’t get the fancy stuff I want, but the re-colours of the base game and expansion pack items are good enough. Anyway, the room has two feature windows (as you can see), because not much else can constitute as a feature. Originally I wanted a screen to hide my Sims from prying eyes, but unfortunately it couldn’t fit. So I decided to leave it. Let’s just say that the house is tucked away in a forest, so there are no prying eyes (I know there aren’t any trees in the background, but this was the very first proper house I built in my new neighbourhood. I wanted to work on this like I was a settler and I’m building the city from the ground up.

Toilet and Shower   Windows

Towels and Door

Oh, just a little side note about the vanity. I started becoming delusional about Mr. Hermit, I eventually saw him with a girl, and she would be the one who uses the vanity. So yes, it is meant to be there.

The Bedroom

Well, here’s the bedroom, “where all the magic happens”. What a cliché saying! Anyway, yes, it is quite literally where Mr. Hermit gets to do a lot of learning. Although he has a giant TV to teach him how to cook, there’s not much by way of actually levelling up his skills, so I put all of that in his room. He’s pretty much like me. The living room is where I relax; my bedroom is where I do everything that is meaningful. So here he has a violin, bookcases, a computer and all the bits and bobs that come with an office/bedroom. Oh and you see that little nook in the corner? That’s the feature of this room. Just look at it? Isn’t it pretty? Imagine looking out at a forest rather than bare ground, I would so love something like this in my home. Somewhere to sit and read, or just watch the world go by while drinking coffee!

Bedroom Office   Bed and painting

Bedroom Bed   View

That’s it!

Well I hope you have fun watching the video. Oh and yes, I made the music up myself. Keep an eye out for it on Feather’s Music! I know I’ve got a few pieces missing from this post, but hey, I’m learning on the go. Plus, this is my first-ever game post so you’ll have to bear with the lack of content. I will eventually get there, and I’ll be glad if you guys can stick around to discover it all with me. Anyway, that’s it for now, for “A Modern Bungalow”, stay tuned for the next episode in the series, “Casa Guillermo!” (No preview yet, sorry. I had built the house, but the recording software didn’t pick up the graphics, so I couldn’t get some footage.).

Whole house

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next time with a brand new house/room or even some gameplay! Who knows I may even throw in some League of Legends in here just because!

This is Feather, signing out!

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