Feather’s Games Episode 2 – Casa Guillermo

 Hello everyone,

Feather Charm here with another Sims 2 House Build. Yes, it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, Casa Guillermo.

So, this video is very different from the first. It’s pretty much just a slideshow, because of some problems I had creating the footage, but I promise you, next time I will make another (proper) video.

About the House

As you can tell, I was inspired by the Spanish culture. This is a mansion created for the wealthier Sims, and $400 000 (Simoleons), including furnishings. Below are the pictures I took my inspiration from:

Exterior 1 Exterior 3

Now for the Details

Let’s start off with rooms. This house has:

3 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

2 Offices

A Washroom

An Open Plan Living and Kitchen area

A Dining Room

An Art Studio

An Indoor Gym

A 2-Car Garage

A Greenhouse

An Orchard

A Pool

A Patio and Deck

A Playground (For the Children)

The Bedrooms

The Master Bedroom

Let’s start off with the Master Bedroom.

Master-01 Master-02


Alright, so I was debating with myself how I was going to do this and all the other bedrooms. Most of the time I would carpet the floor, and sometimes, dark walls and ceiling, but because this house is inspired by Spanish styled homes I had to keep to the theme. Therefore, the floors are a neutral marble tile, the walls are “stucco” or a concrete white, as typical of Spanish, Mediterranean or South American houses. So the walls are quite plain and is pretty much an institutional white. I would have added more paintings to it but that would have been too much. As for the sconces I chose the luxury one because it was much better than the other ones, not to mention it fit in with the style of the house.

Bedrooms 1 and 2

So the other two bedrooms are smaller, and are big enough for the double beds. Now if this was a family home, the first room would belong to the art student (whether or not s/he is the eldest or youngest of the family).

  Bedroom2-01 Bedroom2-02

The second bedroom is for the musical one, because there is a violin in there, and a computer, so the kid can work on sheet music as s/he likes.

Bedroom1-02 Bedroom1-01

The Bathrooms

The En-Suite

This is sort of a “Jack and Jill” type of bathroom, as it’s connected to the Gym too. It has full amenities, toilet, sink, bathtub and shower. Unfortunately, because of the size of the house, it isn’t too big. If the house was bigger, I probably would have fit a hot tub in there.

    En-suite-01 En-suite-02

Bathrooms 1 and 2 (and the Washroom

Ok, so let’s start with the washroom. This one is on the ground floor, for those guests and the family, should they come in from the pool, or the patio and they really need the loo. It also has a vanity in there, just in case the women wold like to touch up their make-up, or spruce up their appearance for special guests.

Downstairs Toilet-01 Downstairs Toilet-02

Bathroom 1 (or as I’d like to call it, the main bathroom), is the most used one, because it has the drawers in it. Yes, in the Sims 2 it’s for clothes and whatnots, but in reality it would probably be used for towels and stuff.

Bathroom2-01 Bathroom2-02

Bathroom 2 is mainly for the kids, so if the main bathroom is being used, the other one can go to the second one and wash up there.

Bathroom1-01 Bathroom1-02

The Offices

The Ground Floor Office

This office is for the adults, so they can finish whatever business they’re up to at work. I kind of based it off Kris Jenner’s home office, in the early series of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, because it was quite stylish and I thought the whole bookcase wall thing made it a scholarly place. As you can see, there is a chess set in the corner. I would have just had the chess set on a table top or something.

Downstairs Office-01 Downstairs Office-02

The First Floor Office

This one is more suited to the kids. The dark walls make it more suitable for them, since many young people are more inclined to work and be active during the late hours of the evening. So I tailored it to them. Again with this one, I have a chess table, so they can better their logic, and a reading corner for them, if they want a quiet place to just sit and read.

Homework-01 Homework-02

The Hallway/Living Room and Kitchen

The Living Area

So, originally I would have put the living room in the now Art Studio, but the sofas didn’t quite fit, and I wanted this house to be accessible for the Sims, so I moved it into the hallway, which would have initially been a living room and dining room.

Living Room-01 Living Room-02

Living Room-03

The Hallway

So this was big enough to house another corner. At the end of it, I decided to put a little nook, where the adults can look out at the garden, and pool, and drink their tequilas or coffee. Behind them I put in a piano for the music student, so that s/he could entertain the adults.

View Hallway-01


The Kitchen

Now this is the most Spanish this house gets. The kitchen is usually the heart and soul of a house, and usually I put the kitchen at the back, since many houses here in London have it at the back. However, recently modern houses have put their kitchens at the front, so, as you can see, it is next to the living room, and pretty much takes up half the room. I wanted it to be big, because it is mainly for those families who like to hold large family gatherings.

Kitchen-01 Kitchen-02


The Dining Room

The dining room is mainly for those big gatherings, that’s why it’s closed off and at the back, and the only way into the garden, without having to go outside. I think, this family would spend most of their time in the kitchen and eat their meals at the counters, but if not this is a perfect place for them to have their dinners. As you can see, to one side there is a “buffet table”. Usually this would probably hold their plates, tea sets, etc. but in the mornings it could have an assortment of foods, like cereal boxes, or fruit bowls, or whatever. The point is, it’s mainly a decorative piece, and not meant for actual eating.

Dining Room-01 Dining Room-02

The Art Studio

Welcome to the art studio. Recently I watched the Rags to Riches series by The Sims Supply, and I fell in love with the idea of being an art student. However, I can’t draw, let alone paint. So I have to resort to making my Sims the artists. Ok, we have a florist station, a sewing station, a pottery station and an easel, so that the artist can work on all aspects of their art, if they wanted to.

Art Room-01 Art Room-02

Art Room-03

The Indoor Gym

This gym is mainly for the dad and mom, if she wanted to workout. However, the kids can have some time there too. As mentioned before, the gym is connected to the the En-suite bathroom. It probably could still be locked for the kids, and the parents have a key to access it, but it’s up to you.

Gym-01 Gym-02


The Garage

As you can see, the garage is good for two cars. Obviously, because one is a hunk of junk, the other has to stay outside, but the garage is not just for the cars. It’s the boys’ area. So there’s a robot station, a toy station and the band’s practice area, not to mention a storage space for the gardener.

Garage-01 Garage-02

Garage-03 Garage-04

The Garden

The Greenhouse

Ok, so if the mom was a gardener she’d probably spend a lot of time here, growing strawberries, tomatoes, or whatever. It is fully equipped with a compost maker, pest controller, and a sprinkler to keep the crops hydrated.

Greenhouse-01 Greenhouse-02

The Orchard

This is less of an orchard and more of a line of trees. If I had chosen a bigger piece of land, I’d probably make a better orchard, make it proper. It’s basically the entire catalogue of the farming plants. We have lemon trees, apple trees and orange trees. So the gardener and mom can have all the fun they want, planting and gathering crops for the kitchen.


The Pool

Of course there’s a pool. For a house this size I have to put in a pool! It’s just a little bit of fun for the kids, while the adults are busy in the kitchen, or firing up the grill, or even working in the greenhouse.


The Patio/Deck

This area of the garden is basically for the adults, so they can sit and watch the kids or simply sit out in the garden. In the summer, the family can have an outdoor barbeque or picnic, and just enjoy the sun. The deck chairs are for those who want to sit and sunbathe, especially the teenagers (in particular the girls).

Patio and Deck-01 Patio and Deck-02

The Playground

Finally, we have the playground, equipped with full jungle gym (or climbing frame as you American’s like to call it), slide, swings and monkey bars. It’s really close to the patio so the adults can keep an eye on them in case something goes wrong.


So that’s it, welcome to Casa Guillermo! It’s got pretty much everything, except a telescope, but if you want to, you can put one there, although it won’t be up for download (sorry I don’t know how to do that yet, nor does my computer have enough space for it), but one day, when or if I get a new and faster computer, with enough memory (for myself) I’ll definitely put it up for grabs, or better yet, recreate it in the Sims 4 and put it in the gallery.

Anyway, that’s it from me, and I’ll see you guys soon. Let me know what you think about this house, and/or the post, in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and my website. New stuff comes out every week (at least that’s the dream) and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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