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Yes! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally finished this build. Ok, so here’s a bit of background. When I named this build, I was dead set on replicating, or at least imitating hotels here in London. Granted they don’t look like much, because of the old brick or white limestone façade, but the inside is what makes it all the better.

However, I found out that Sims 2 only gives you a set amount of walls, and I couldn’t build the structure as high as I had wanted to build it, so I had to forgo that notion. Of course, I’ll be reattempting it, once I have a better grasp of dimensions, and if I have the courage to un-snap objects to the main grid (since, it’s easier to simply place within the square space given to you).

Anyway, after abandoning the initial concept, I didn’t know what to build. I didn’t want to build something different, because I knew that would be a cop out on my part, so I tried to build something that fit, but nothing worked. In the end, I scrapped the whole idea, and took a break. I focused on other stuff and built up my repertoire somewhere else. Eventually I wanted to build again, and lo and behold the final build came to me! Yes, it’s a Victorian manor, similar to the Jane Lowell Mansion, but hey, that build comes easy to me, since I keep watching films and TV shows that are centred around those types of buildings.

Thus, I give you…

The Queen Anne Hotel

Or, B&B…

The Inspiration

As I said before, the original concept came from hotels such as the Park Lane Hotel, Claridge’s, The Beaumont, The Four Seasons, and many others like them. So, initially, it was going to have all the trappings of such hotels, and the images below were the inspiration I started with.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Of course, in the end I wasn’t inspired enough to make such a building, so I abandoned it, and started again. Now, because I’d been watching a lot of Sims 4 house builds (which I will be attempting one of these days), I’ve been really into the Victorian/Colonial style of architecture, and I’ll probably be inspired by these buildings for a while, so that’s why the hotel has become a Bed and Breakfast. I guess, you could say, it’s been inspired by a lot of things, like Supernatural (because sometimes the boys do stay at B&Bs like these), Pinterest photos and other such images. Below, I’ve added all the images that have inspired me for the past couple of days, to finally build this B&B!

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Alright, so you’ve seen the inspiration, it’s time for the actual build. Below are the details of The Queen Anne Hotel!

The Details


The hotel has:

5 En-suite bedrooms

1 Reception Room

1 Dining/Banquet Hall

1 Kitchen

1 Backyard Patio with BBQ grill and picnic table

Wrap-around Garden

The Bedrooms

Alright, so the rooms are set out in a similar style. Each one has their own wardrobe, vanity table and bathroom, complete with a shower/bath combo. There are two double bedrooms, two family rooms and one twin bedroom. Four of them are located on the second floor, while the last one is on the first floor, opposite the reception room. Of course, you could change that to make it into the owner’s office…but really, in Sims 2, you don’t really need an office to run a hotel, the concierge/hotel owner usually just stands at the concierge table, so it’s cool.

The Reception Room

Ok, so if you watched the video, you’d probably tell that I had arranged the reception room one way, and the screenshots show a different layout. The truth is that the concierge table was too big to fit, in the space I’d initially created for it, so I had to change the way the sofas were arranged. Of course, if I had the chance, I’d probably make it bigger, since it looks a bit too small for a hotel that has a lot of space in the bedrooms.

The Dining Hall/Banquet Room

Ok, so it’s a bit of a stretch to call this a hall, but it’s big enough to house a few people for breakfast. Of course, there are a few more tables and chairs than what the bedrooms probably provide, but I imagine that this could double up as a restaurant. I didn’t add the host’s podium, because I hadn’t thought of it at the time, but if I had to go back and renovate this build, I probably would. So, I imagined this dining hall to be a good venue for weddings, small ones, because who would want a wedding reception at a small B&B, they’d usually take place in grand hotels, right? That’s why I say they’re for small weddings, probably those that took place outside in the backyard.

The Kitchen

Of course, you’d need a kitchen for the dining hall. So, here it is. It’s big enough for a couple of waiters and cleaners. I imagine this room to be the base of operations for the hotel’s staff. So, they’d take in their deliveries through the back door, since it’s the only other way in, other than the front of the hotel, and these deliveries could be given during the late night, or the early morning, so they don’t disturb the guests. I do love this kitchen, it reminds me of all those dramas that take place in the turn of the 20th century era.

The Backyard Patio with BBQ Grill and Picnic Table

I like this small space. It’s very tiny compared to the rest of the hotel’s surroundings, I mean, there’s literally enough room for more tables and such, but I thought, that most of the guests, wouldn’t care for staying outside, in the backyard, they’d probably go out to a café, or the nearby high street and whatnots. That’s why there’s only one table. Of course, the guests could do a BBQ party, but usually, they’d probably just hang out, and listen to the birds, feel the wind, watch the flowers, etc.

Wrap-around Gardens

I didn’t really care for the landscaping this time round. I was rather tired after fiddling around the with the roof (which was a task and a half to complete!), so I kept it a minimal space. I had the feeling the gardener would really love to keep the lawn nice and green, and as for the flowerbeds and bushes, his only love for them would be the way in which they were arranged. So, he’d probably take really good care of them, just because they looked really nice against the building.

Well, that’s it today. I mean, the gardens could have been much more polished, but, from the pictures I’ve seen of Victorian mansions, I guess the minimalistic style is a running theme. Of course, if I had more practice with the terrain tools, and if I had the patience for it, I’d probably add a little more texture to the landscape, but that can wait for another time. So, it’s your turn. Let me know what you think. Do you like it? Do you hate it? What could be improved? What would you add? Leave your tips in the jar below, and I’ll see you soon!

(Oh, and if you noticed I didn’t add any lights to the build, props to you! I built this in a hurry, since I had to go to church, and I kind of forgot about it when I added furniture to the upper rooms.)

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