Feather’s Music

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Feather’s Music section, where our in-house blogger Fenwick The Grape (yes, grape) has some interesting news, and reviews about all things music. If you’d like to read all about her adventures, click on any of the links below. I’m sure you’ll find very many interesting things here.

Orrie’s Posts

The First Of Three

Fenwick’s Old Posts

Questions And Answers


Music Business As Usual

My Tiny Guitar


Musical Gaming

The Beginning Of All Things

My Disney Top 5

Music Is The Way To My Stomach


Brendon Urie Is A Kinky Man

Dal Segno

Restarting The Flow…

Little Fictions


The Accuracy Of An Art

A New Introduction

Now, I know most of you remember all my old hymn arrangements. Don’t worry, there still here. Just click on the link below if you’d like to view them and use them to your heart’s desire!

The Old Music Page

I’ll see you all soon! Oh, and if you’d like to, check out the other sections of this blog, I’m sure you’ll find something much more interesting there!

This is Feather, signing out!

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