Feather’s Music: Questions In The Air 2

Good after evening and welcome to the second part of this unnecessary question time that no one asked for.


Some of the later questions were also interesting so I’ll try to keep my answers a bit more concise that I may be able to get through them all in this second sitting, lest there be a third.

So, without further ado:

8. What do you think about Jazz?

[Insert a clip here from The Bee Movie of the main bee saying “d’ya like jazz?” in the weird suave bumblebee fashion on repeat].
I love jazz. Like I said in my previous post about rock, I haven’t really explored bands or artists in this genre nearly enough to fully appreciate it like I want to, but there’s something so satisfying about the tonality of this genre that just speaks volumes to my soul. The kinds of chords and chord progressions that are commonly used are just so… [insert accurate depiction here].

9. What do you think about Alternative?

I guess I covered this extensively in the previous post under the rock heading…I’m incredibly taken away from the world by alternative music. I just really enjoy non-conventional sounds that these almost experimental genres bring. Not ‘experimental’ in the John Cage 4:33 kind of way but that’s also great. If you haven’t heard it I suggest you find your way to YouTube right now.


10. What do you think about Electronic?

I’m pretty sure I like electronic music but I really don’t know the genre at all so maybe what I’m thinking is electronic actually isn’t. I guess I have to explore this one at some point.

11. What do you think about Metal?

I feel like if I didn’t like this genre as much as I do, Orrie and I wouldn’t quite be able to get along. Jokes aside, I do like metal. Not all metal, because I’ve heard some sub-sub genres and, for me, it’s just not great. It might be thrash or death metal that I’m a bit meh about. That is more experimental than other more melodic forms of metal. If you’d like an example, Nightwish is my more preferred sound. I like heavier sounds but I just listen to whatever Orrie puts in my ears on long coach trips across Israel. Ask him how he feels about it.

12. What do you think about Rap?

Now. Some. Mostly no.

I’ll use more words.

Rap as a style I think is so great; rhythmic words, and the grooves and dirty beats, I’m so here for all of it. The problem is the history and culture from which it comes, and as such the lyrical content that a lot of rap has. I don’t spend all my time focused on the lyrics of the music I listen to. I love good lyrics but it doesn’t completely ruin a song for me if they’re not great. The song would also have to be bad. But some rap lyrics are just so vulgar it makes me feel like I have to scrub down from hearing it.

I like rap. But not the usual popular stuff.


13. Is there is a genre that I haven’t listed that you’d like to comment on?

I think I’m good for now.

14. What is your favourite genre?


Alternative rock, if you want a proper answer but the seasons change, as do my tastes.


15. Do you prefer older or newer music?

Both. A lot of old stuff just can’t be beaten for the quality of the writing and lyrics, but music and technology have come a long way together, and there are so many new sounds achieved by musicians now that it’s far too exciting to put on the back burner, just because the old stuff was from a purer time of writing.

16. Who is your favourite artist/band?

No questions restrict me to a one word answer. Or even a one answer, answer.

I grew up listening to Seal, so he’s one of my tops for nostalgia. I wasn’t so enthralled by his latest stuff; his style is leaning heavily towards that of the old crooners and soul music, and as much as I do enjoy that sound from time to time, it’s not the strange, electronic, almost whimsical sound he used to have that drew me so into music in the first place. It’s still his style but just not the sound I’d like to hear (don’t judge me on my past post about how changing sound as an artist is a good thing, I just don’t really like the Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole sound that much to fully appreciate it).

To try to keep it short; Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Elbow are my top 3, judging by what I listen to on a daily.


17. Is there a musician in particular you admire?

Leave me alone. I admire them all, there isn’t really one I prefer above the rest because they all have different strengths I’d like to draw upon.

18. What is your favourite song currently?

Oh, um… Can we not do this? This “choose only one” thing.

I’m just going to choose the entire Little Fictions album by Elbow even though some songs aren’t my favourite by any means but most are.

Also the song Killer Lady by Gumi. It’s a Japanese song. Don’t question me.


19. Is there a song you find very special to you?

Kiss From A Rose by Seal. It was released when I was about 2 years old and my mum, being the huge fan of him that she was and possibly low key still is, said that it was her favourite song. So I made it my favourite to. So it has been for 22 years, even if I haven’t listened to it in about 2 years. I listened to it so much in secondary school that I’ve had to take a very, very, very, long break from it.

20. What song would you most likely listen to if you are sad?

I wouldn’t do that to a song. I don’t really listen to music if I’m sad. For me, it’s the wrong mood. I listen to music to enjoy it and uplift my day and generally just be entertained. When I’m sad, I just want to be sad. Also, not that this is really a thing, but I’d prefer not to accidentally associate a good song to a miserable event, otherwise how am I supposed to listen to it without being sad?


21. Are you mutable when it comes to your music interests?

…I don’t understand what this is asking. Does it mean if you can shut me up when it comes to music? Evidently not.

That’s how I’m going to interpret that.

22. What was your favourite genre a long time ago? Has it changed since?

Um… Whatever Seal’s genre is. It’s listed as a lot of things, really; RnB, pop, rock, soul…
My favourite never really existed but rather than change, it’s expanded.

23. Can you read musical notes?

Very slowly. My piano teacher is sitting displeased somewhere.


24. Do you wish you could play an instrument? If so, which one?

The violin. What a graceful and powerful instrument. I think it has the most audible personality of the whole orchestra.

I’d also like to be able to play the accordion better. And just everything better.

I want to be a real musician.

25. Do you wish you could sing? If so, what style?

I do wish I could sing (wry laughter).

Musicals. I wish I could sing with the power and range of someone who sings in musicals. Phenomenal.

26. Is there a certain genre that annoys you?

Country. Don’t talk to me.


27. Do you sing in the shower?

Did I even have a shower if I didn’t sing?

28. Do you even like music?

I wonder that to myself sometimes…

29. How often do you listen to music?

Every day. Almost. If I’m at home cleaning or doing art or something, I don’t listen to music. Obviously, I don’t listen if I’m watching something or playing a game. I also don’t listen if I’m reading because I’d end up singing and not following where I am in the book.

I’m a very difficult person, I’m sorry (not really).

Right. I’ve gotten incredibly far with this. Only another 16 odd questions to go, but I shall leave that for a third post (unfortunately).

I’m sorry (again, not really), if this isn’t a terribly interesting post but I thought it would have more interesting content than me talking about how I can’t really write any interesting posts due to my boring day job that allows me no musical interludes.

So, for now I hope you’ll enjoy some of my insights. Only one more to go.



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