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Its SBK (SecondBaseKnight) hope you are enjoying your 2018. This time I will be covering the film side of things and will be discussing a short film that I have been working on for the past couple of months – The Power of One Coin.

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The power of one coin is a short film, tackling the challenging subject of mental health in our society. The film aims to show how a small act of kindness can have a huge effect on people’s lives, especially those suffering from mental illness. On the worst days, a simple act of kindness can even save someone from committing something terrible.

The story will follow five characters that have never met each before, and seemingly have nothing in common. This all changes when one day their lives become intertwined, by a simple day to day coin that travels through the hands of each character.

Throughout the story, we see how the coin will play a crucial part in encouraging small acts of kindness. But they don’t know that an act of kindness, a selfless act, can have a hugely positive impact on others. Although they are all suffering in some way, it takes only a single moment for everything to change.

Why The Sudden Film?

Now the reason why I decided to work on this project was due to the message the producers wanted to show. Zbigniew Siwek and Magdalena Herfurtner explained to me how we’ve seen countless documentaries, films and series about the issues with the healthcare systems, governments and with the ideals of our societies surrounding the topic of mental health. Don’t get me wrong some of those documentaries are very well made and shine a light on serious issues, however, they have always left others like me overwhelmed and even hopeless, and as Zbigniew told me “powerless to make a difference”.

I remember telling him at my interview that I understood what he meant, due to me having ADHD and other problems, that I wish not to discuss just yet, people thought I was mad and couldn’t be controlled, even though I had the same likes and dislikes as everybody else. So by showing mental health, as something common and even normal is always a win for me.

We’re filming that having a chat can save someone? I’m sold.

The Power Of One Coin is not a short film about politicians or doctors, or the different groups of societies suffering from mental illness. This is a film about you and me. The team of The Power Of One Coin wanted to create an inspiring story that will show hope and put it into the hands of individual people.

Mental-Health mind


Due to the topic at hand, it was extremely important that the writer, Jack Angerstein, wrote something that was easy for the audience to understand, yet still be true to the fact that these characters are suffering from mental health issues. So, when writing multiple drafts, he said that it was important for him to portray mental illness in a “non-triggering’ way. This is why he would always send it to the team of associate producers to have a quick read, but to also work closely with mental health charity MIND and SANE to create believable characters and a good story.

Played By The Right Person

Once the script was ready and we were approved by MIND and SANE, we began to organize production. The casting was interesting because although I was not the casting director, we were approached by not one, but two talented actors, who saw the message and wanted to be part of it. Nigel Barber: an American based actor, living in London, worked as a professional actor and voice-over artist since 1968. He mostly focuses on drama on stage and musical theatre, but it hasn’t stopped him from appearing on multiple triple A movies, such as 007 SPECTRE and Mission Impossible.


The second actor who applied was Stacey Gough who was awarded best actor in the ISN awards for his portrayal of Roy in CHANCERS. Stacey Gough was trained in the UK and in LA. What was interesting about him was how nearly all his roles he played was evil or twisted. However, in the performance I saw, he has a deep and emotional side to his characters. What he will bring to his role will be something to behold. There are more actors, but I have still not been told who they may be, but one of the actors we were trying to cast for the main role was Iwan Rheon, however, the producers are still trying to negotiate a deal.

Will You Help?

Finally, we can now talk about one of the most important parts of the pre-production, the fundraising. Kick-starter is one of the greatest tools to a young filmmaker, but, it is also the riskiest, and you have to put faith in yourself and the people around you. You must never just put your work up and expect money to come pouring in. There is a process, perhaps I will make a post on this, giving some tips, another time.

The Power Of One Coin had a budget of £30 000 and we hit half of it in about 3 weeks, you can imagine how terrible the crew and myself were feeling, we couldn’t believe it, all the hard work and only half the money, and for such a project with a wonderful message. I remember eight of us seated in the national theatre in Southbank, quite depressed, to be honest.


Suddenly, Zbigniew asked if we should call it quits. That moment I felt quite a lot of rage and said, “NO, WE CAN WORK HARDER, the fact that you don’t believe in us, pisses me off”. Our PR- manager and executive producer had to calm me down and the other members, saying how she knew that we were hard-working, but the fact is we only had less than a week to raise another 15,000 pounds. I said let’s try, “push ourselves and call every single person we knew and send a message to everyone on Twitter and Facebook”. Everyone turned those sad faces into determined faces and we campaigned until blood ran out our ears (ok, maybe not quite as gruesome, but you get the point). With only about 4 hours left of the kick-starter campaign we raised 30,000. Once it ended we, in total, raised £30 180.

The power of one coin will begin filming around the end of January 2018, I must say it’s true that hardest part of making a film is the pre-production, I heard its worst at post-production, but the experience I have gained is truly incredible.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the short film that I am working on. If you have any questions about the film or want me to check out your films, leave a like and comment below.

This was SBK, Goodnight!

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