Feather’s Films: Top 3 Genres For Romantic Nights

Hello, and I hope you all had a wonderful valentines day.

Today’s post is about the top 3 genres of film that you should watch, with your partner, or perhaps a person of interest. Perhaps you have other ideas if so, please leave a comment down below. Onwards with the romancing of some sort.

Number 3 – Horror

Horror films have one goal and that is to scare you, which is not a bad thing. In fact, it is actually quite healthy, due to the sudden intense sock of the moment, you are keeping your brain active and alert. So in a way, you are training your brain to stay sharp. Now, what exactly is horror? This genre is designed to frighten and panic, cause dread and invoke your worst fears by captivating you with shocking imagery, or by a twisting turning reveal. So why is horror so good for a romantic evening? That is due to the rush of adrenaline of being scared. We humans, since the beginning, have always been interested in the disturbed, or even forbidden side of life for reason unknown. However it is important to us, because only through the unknown can we understand what we are and what we can overcome. Horror films make us vulnerable and question ourselves and even our surrounding, but once we conquer our fears, we are able to move on with our lives.


So when you’re watching a film, with your partner, and it is something that terrifies him or her, by watching it together you are helping them overcome something in a way, as well being a supportive partner, which could send sparks after the film is over. There are many sub-genres of horror, since horror dates back 100 years, but what appeals horror to me is the way it can easily blend with other genres. Take science-fiction, and one of the most famous films in the world: Alien (1979) by Ridley Scott. The film’s basic premise is a monster in space, or as its most commonly know “Jaws in space”, but diving deeper into it we know they are disturbing images of life and even pregnancies, and the ideas that we can control life. So, what makes it so disturbing? It’s the fact that we are trapped with this creature in a place, where we cannot get any help of any kind. Plus, the reason why this film does so well is due to the fact, we as the audience cannot see it too well, allowing us to enter a dream state, making us use our imagination, which in horror is its best friend. We fear what we cannot see, or worse, defeat. This is a reason why your girlfriend or boyfriend is holding you tight, be their hero/heroine.

Number 2 – Romance

Of course, this genre was going to be in the top 3. Romance films are love stories, or even affairs. So, be very careful with what you choose. This genre is centered around passion and lots of emotion that the main character (usually the leading man or lady) go through, and the journey it takes them to find love. We watch them face obstacles and hardship, physical illness, the discrimination of race and social class, and many more, just to be with one another. Romantic films often explore the essentials themes of love, such as love at first sight, obsessive love, and even spiritual love. The main reason we watch these types of films is due to one curious idea and that is the “happily ever after” effect. This effect is often finished with a final kiss, of course not all romantic films have this ending.


It is only when you are with your special someone you feel as if your own love can’t be broken, even with all those hardships you too can defeat anything that stands in your way, or you are just waiting for either one of you to get in the mood…if you know what I mean (Sorry!). Continuing with the explanation. Looking at the earliest romance films we could say that Thomas Edison’s early 20-second film “The May Irwin Kiss” was the most popular film of 1896 due to the recreation of a kiss of two well know stage actors. The film was considered scandalous and even disgusting, yet they never knew that the door was open to much more detailed recreations of pleasure. Fast forward 50 years and we are in the 1940s, where we’re introduced to romantic comedies, which will soon been know as classics, we had films like The Philadelphia Story, Holiday and in another 50 years When Harry Met Sally and Pretty Woman.


After all these years, we still watch this genre for one reason, to understand love. You see, life is something that we cannot control but sometimes, we attempt to manipulate. Love, however, is one of the things we can’t, sure we can go to the gym get the hottest woman in the world, but how do we know that person loves us? Love is something that people have been trying to figure out for thousands of year, some say it is when you can be yourself around a stranger; some even say it is when you can let go, around that person. So when we watch the character who gets the girl, even though people said he couldn’t, it brings us hope. So, when your with that partner of yours, you either feel this intense pleasure from them being around you or you relate to the characters on screen, in some case you may even copy the actions of the character to get the attention of someone you care for? (Although, don’t copy 50 Shades Of Grey, it’s terrible!). That is why romances are number two.

Number one – Comedies

Some of you may be shocked, but hear me out. Like we said before, with romantic comedies, they brings out one emotion and that is happiness, and laughter helps us feel happy. This is due to the dopamine sparking in our brains, but the most important thing is when you are on a date, the one thing your partner wants to feel is joy and happiness being around you. Why would they go out on a date just to feel upset or depressed, unless that’s their thing? In fact, some researchers have discovered that one of the traits that men are most excited for, in a woman, is her smile and eyes (having a great butt and boobs is just an added bonus). So, why not go watch something that makes you smile and laugh, feel good about it and make that special someone happy.


Comedies usually come in two general formats, one: comedian leads with the well-timed gags, jokes or sketches. Two: Situation comedies that are usually told with a narrative. Both of these elements may appear together or overlap, creating comedy hybrids. So let’s use The Mask (1994) with Jim Carrey. It’s both slapstick and black comedy, since it was based on a darkly comic series of the same name. Although its gag come from the outrageous things The Mask is willing to go to get the girl, you can’t help but laugh at some of the things he does. So, why is comedy number one? Did you know that some doctors ask patients with depression to smile more, even if it means forcing to naturally fix the chemical imbalance of the patients, or to surround themselves with friends and family, so that they can feel good? Comedy does that, and with so many streaming services out there, you are bound to find something. So number one is comedy, grab your lover smile at one another and enjoy yourselves.

So what did you think of my top 3 genres to watch on Valentines Day or any romantic evening, do you have a different top 3. Leave a comment below and follow us on social media.

This was Secondbaseknight and has a wonderful day.


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