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As promised, I have a review for you guys, for the newest episode of Once Upon A Time! I know it’s pretty late, since the next episode is out in a couple of days, but hey, I gotta keep to my schedule! So the episode was called The Other Shoe (is it just me, or does the title remind you of the film The Other Boleyn Girl…anyway).

What is Once Upon A Time about?



For those of you who haven’t watched the series, or can’t be bothered to watch the last 5 seasons through (since they’re all around 22 episodes long), Once Upon A Time, is about the fairytales in the real world. Basically, the likes of Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, Cinderella, and everyone else, were cursed to live in our world, a world without magic, thanks to the evil curse that the Evil Queen, Regina (played by Lana Parilla), placed on everyone. For 28 years, the people of the “Enchanted Forest” were stuck in a small town called Storybrooke, and it was up to a little boy, his book and his birth mother to save them.

Skip Ahead



Ok, so since there are 6 season of the series, you can all guess that the curse was lifted, and yes, more magical madness ensued, to the point where we are now. Thanks to events in the last season, the Evil Queen and Regina split up (and no I don’t mean like a couple breaking up, I literally mean Regina split her own personality in half), and now the Evil Queen is causing havoc in Storybrooke, along with characters from “untold stories” that Hyde had brought over, when he found a gate to our world.

Confused? So am I.



Right now, the main characters, Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), David/Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina – the good part – are trying to find a way to stop the Evil Queen and get Storybrooke back under control and back to some sense of normalcy. However, of course things don’t go smoothly, and thanks to the Evil Queen, most of the characters are distracted with other things, like Cinderella and her step sister.

Now We’re Back on Track



This is where this episode finally comes in. The main focus of the episode was Cinderella’s story, and how she wasn’t as “good” as she could have been. In the episode it is revealed that Cinderella accidentally did something that seemed like she betrayed her sister, who had trusted her completely, and with things the way they were, Cinderella/Ashley (Jessy Schram) took it upon herself to fix what she’d done. Of course, thanks to Emma and her son, Henry (Jared Gilmore), things managed to turn out well for everyone (except Cinderella’s step-mother) and once more the villains are thrown for a loop.

Review Time

So, being an avid OUAT fan, I have to say I am rather bias for the series, and I do love the cliff-hangers they leave every episode, but I will try to be as unbiased as I can.



Firstly, there were parts of the episode that seemed rather cliché, for example, when Clorinda (Mekenna Melvin) named Ella, Cinderella. It was rather pathetic and lacked enthusiasm. It would have been better if they’d already been calling her by the name, especially if she was already in such dirty rags.

Secondly, Regina’s personality doesn’t seem to have changed much. For someone who had ripped herself in half, surely her “better” side would be much less like the Evil Queen than…the Evil Queen. When she visits Hyde, with her lasagne that was “fit for a king” her attitude just simply reminds you of the old Regina. I mean, she’s no longer the Evil Queen, so why sound like her?

Thirdly, Lady Tremaine’s half-hearted attempt to kill Cinderella and her failed attempt at killing Emma was really not that great. After all, she could have done so much better. I liked the earlier seasons when the villains’ plots took at least three or five episodes. It seems this time, the stories are just limited to the one episode, and honestly, there’s just not enough heart in them anymore.



Of course, there are many other issues I had with this episode, but I won’t go into all of them, after all, this is a family friendly show, and to be honest, most of the plot can be forgiven, since magic is supposed to be involved. So what were the good points of the show?

Well, I did like the fact that Snow White wanted to get back into teaching, after all, for the past few seasons, it didn’t seem like she had a job, and was just watching over baby Neal, just because “princesses don’t work”. Honey, you’re not in the Enchanted Forest anymore, you’re in Maine.

Another point I liked was the fact that Emma was finally being real with herself. Going to Archie (Raphael Sbarge) for help and telling him about her problems is actually really good to see. As someone who has experience keeping her feelings to herself (the real, deep, meaningful ones that most people don’t want to hear about) speaking to someone about them can be intimidating. If I had someone like Archie, in my life, I probably wouldn’t mind going to him every day, because maybe I can get over whatever problems that might hold me back from my true potential.



Lastly, I really do like the story that is happening with Emma. I know it’s terrible of me to say this, but the whole idea that she “might die” at the end of it all makes it that little bit more exciting. It’s something that’s been missing from the last few seasons now. Despite having the Frozen and the Ice Queen, the Neverland, and the Hades conflicts being great, having a tangible ending that could shape the story alive in the story is something that I like to see. I mean, it really tells the important tale that “the destination doesn’t make the journey, it is the journey itself that defines it”, and I think that this is the important lesson everyone should take to heart.

Well, that’s it! See You Next Week!

Yes, so I won’t be analysing every episode of Once Upon A Time, as I have another series I’d like to review too. This one is a little more…adult. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about True Blood or anything like that…although it does involve vampires from time to time. No what I’m talking about has seen Lucifer thrown into the cage with Michael. It has seen an angel fall as far as purgatory and back. It has seen the best and worst of humanity, in all its gritty glory.



Yes, I am talking about the tall tale of the Winchesters! Next week, I will be reviewing the season 12 premiere of Supernatural. It’ll probably be in time or just past the second episode of the season, but hey, at least I’m sticking to my timetable!

Well, that’s it from me today, look forward to the next review:

Never Mess With A Winchester

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