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Hello Everyone!

I’m back with another review, and yes this time it’s all about a place rather than a film or TV show. It’s a new one for me too, so bear with the different style.



Anyway, I will be talking about my new favourite beauty salon that I had only recently discovered. It’s called…

Rose Hair and Beauty

Yeah, I wasn’t too keen on the name, when I first found it, but hey, the logo sort of made up for it.



However, it didn’t stop me from finally gathering up the courage to walk in and ask for help.

Dry Ends To Beautiful Locks

I found this little jewel of a place because I desperately needed my hair to be awesome for my graduation in July. Trust me, my hair was a disaster!

I was initially terrified to approach them, because obviously I’m an introvert, and I wasn’t too sure if they would be judgemental, but when I did show up, they were very friendly. Believe me, for someone who has no confidence in speaking to new people, they were very kind.



So when I showed up for my appointment (despite taking six hours), they managed to fix my hair to the point that I couldn’t stop smiling, even after an hour after I left the salon.

My hair was this…



And they fixed it to this!

13782128_802930366474442_7478730772117743145_n 13782146_802930556474423_5035397266244356300_n


The Experience

As I said before, the people working at the salon were very friendly. They even offered me a drink, while I waited for them to finish up with my hair, and as I waited for the bleach to dry and the colour to dye my hair, the owner, Rose, frequently conversed with me so I wouldn’t be too bored. Not to mention, she had an adorable son, who played about at the salon, because he was still a toddler.

Props to the Working Mom!

In terms of the actual hair change, I came in with the idea of having the ombre style or balayage style for my hair. I wanted to keep up with the trend, and because I wasn’t too familiar with the style I put my complete trust in Rose, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, she helped me so much, that instead of one or the other, she gave me both!



We ended up with it because she wanted my input, and she wanted to negotiate the style with me, which is rather different from what I am used to. Since I used to go to Supercuts (never again), all I did was walk in, get a haircut and pay, so the new style of service was rather weird for me, but I liked it. She gave me the chance to see what I really wanted, and in the end, I was really happy with the result.

Seconds Are The Best

Yes, did visit the salon a second time, and that was around a few weeks ago. The reason why? I needed to get my layers. When I went the first time, Rose didn’t want to cut my hair yet, and when I say yet, she didn’t want to cut the layers, because she was afraid it would damage the bleached ends of the hair, so she told me to come back after a few weeks, to get them done.



Of course, summer was rather busy for me (Back To School sales at work and my very much needed vacation), so I couldn’t go back until a few weeks ago, and when I did, I felt a lot more relaxed. Her standard of work was just as great as the first time. Rose was just as friendly, and just as efficient as the first time. It took less than an hour for her to cut my hair, because I had asked for a rather different style than she was used to.

You see, I have been obsessed with the Asian style for the past few weeks now, and I really love how they cut their hair! I wanted a style similar to this…



However, she wasn’t familiar with the cut, so she had to figure it out as she went, which was rather interesting, because as I sat there, she told me how much she adored the Asian style, and with me as a new client, she finally got the chance to try it. Now, she’s completely obsessed with the style, and she did promise that the next time I wanted a cut, she’d have the style mastered! So now, I can’t wait to get my hair cut again!

My Recommendation?

If you’re ever in the South Ealing area, and you need a haircut, I would suggest going to the Rose and Hair Beauty Salon. They not only do hair, but nails, makeup and even body hair removal!

Is It Pricey?

It’s not too expensive, if that’s what you’re asking. For a regular cut, wash and blow-dry, it’s £35, and it’s a lot cheaper than what you would find in Central London. Trust me, from the quality of service and the result, you are getting a bargain!

If you want the full list of prices, just check out their website here.

Well that’s it from me today, join me next week when I review the latest episode of Once Upon A Time

Evil Regals and Captain Swans

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you all soon!

This is Feather, signing out!

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