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I have a great review for you, and no it’s not a recipe app nor is it something in beauty…and no it’s not for a film or TV show…I haven’t seen much recently so that’s not going to be here any time soon. For today, I’m actually going to speak about a kitchen appliance. It’s the Breville…

Blend Active/Blend Active Pro


It’s been a couple of months since Christmas, and I’ve only used this blender a couple of times, purely because most of the fruits I use in my smoothies are taken from the supermarket, before I can even get to them. However, every now and then, I manage to squeeze my way through the crowds and nab myself a pack or two. So, from the times I’ve used this blender, I’ll tell you what I can.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The Specs

The Model: VBL062

Power/Wattage: 300 watts

Weight: 1.3kg

Dimensions: 12.4×12.8x37cm

Capacity: 0.6L

Material: Plastic

Special Features: The blender comes with two detachable plastic bottles, two bottle lids, that have sealing caps and a rotating blade.

The Pros

The best thing about this blender is the fact that, if you’re the only one having the smoothie, it means you won’t have an extra cup in the fridge, because you couldn’t finish drinking what you’d made. I’m pretty much the only one in my family that drinks smoothies, in the morning, and the 0.6L bottles are exactly what I need, to fill me up in the morning, and not leave any behind.


The next best thing is the milk to fruit ratio of the smoothie. Many times, I’ve made smoothies that were either too thick or too tasteless, since the milk drowned out the fruits. However, this blender doesn’t need you to measure out the ingredients, you can put as much fruits, spices, flavourings as the bottle allows, and then fill it up with the milk (almond milk, in my case). This makes things so much easier, and I absolutely love it!


Finally, the blades and the motor are powerful enough, it only takes a couple of seconds for the smoothie to blend. I absolutely adore this function. Yes, I like my regular blender, that takes at least a minute to blend my smoothies, but the motor isn’t powerful enough, and the jug is just too heavy and wide for all the fruits to be completely blended. The Blend Active is just perfect! You can even feel the power of the motor, just by placing your hand on the top of the bottle.

The Cons

There’s one thing that does bother me, and it’s the fact that, when you activate the blender, you have to hold down onto the start button, so that it continues to blend for however long you need. Although I like to feel the power of the motor, it doesn’t mean I want to feel it for too long. It would have been better if you didn’t have to hold the start button down.


Another thing that frustrates me about this blender is that it only has one setting, there’s no faster or slower setting, so if you’re trying to blend something that’s not so easy to blend, you might find some chunks left and that’s not what you want. On the other hand, you might have something that’s too easy to blend, but you don’t want to completely mash it up, so a slower setting would be better. So, I guess it’s not exactly a win-win situation.


One last con is the fact that the lid of the bottle has a lip that’s too far from the edge. It feels like you’re sucking on a sport’s cap rather than simply guzzling down a smoothie from an open lip. I really don’t like the feel of the lid, so I eventually end up taking it off altogether, and drink it like it’s a cup. It’s a shame really, I do like the idea of the lid, but it would have been nice if it wasn’t such a task to drink from.


I was just nit-picking when I thought of the cons for this gadget. Yes, it does bother me, but I don’t mind it. After all, I’m only blending fruits, and I don’t go into the mad recipes that need 20 ingredients. So, overall, I’m happy with my personal blender, and no one touches it, but me. If you’re an avid smoothie drinker, like me, and hate to waste your leftovers, just get the Blend Active or the Blend Active Pro, and you won’t be wasting what you made.


As I said before, I’ve only used it a couple of times before, but once summer hits, I’ll probably be drinking smoothies every morning, until I decide to go for flavoured water, and if the smoothie thing doesn’t work out, you could always use the bottles just for water. You can even take it to the gym and workout with it by your side. It’s that simple!

Well, that’s it from me today. I’ll see you all next week with another baking extravaganza post! Trust me, it’s the last of the series, since I only made 3 different desserts for the bake sale. So, it’s your turn now. Do you have the Blend Active/Blend Active Pro? What do you think of it? Do you use it often? Leave your tips in the jar below, and we’ll see you soon!

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