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Today is going to be a bit different from the ordinary film reviews, or beauty reviews, y’all know I do. I’ll be talking about something I’ve found on the internet, and I’m not joking, they’re masterpieces!

What I’ve discovered can be found on YouTube. It’s the wonderful world of short animated projects. That’s right, I’ve been watching shorts on YouTube (get what I did there?)! There are so many great shorts out there, they could easily pass for Disney, or even Pixar projects. So, here are some of my top five favourites.


Let’s Go!

1. Cursed

This animated short is done by Studio AFK. It’s a great little piece about a villainous witch who ends up falling in love with a guy. In the process, she loses some of her villainy and starts to become a “good guy”. Now, the ending wasn’t what I’d expect. I knew there was going to be some sort of “happy ever after”, but trust me when I say this: it has a twist.


I would recommend watching this short, it’s hilarious and a good watch, if you have 5 minutes to spare. It’s nothing too deep or meaningful, just a little fun that plays on the idea of “waiting for Mr. Right”.

2. Waltz Duet

Waltz Duet is another great short, this time it’s done by Supamonks Studio, but you’ll be able to find it on the CGMeetup YouTube channel. This piece is a little on the melancholic side of the scale. It’s about two sisters who have self-inflicted their isolation, and when a violinist happens upon their shut-up home, they try to keep their distance. However, he’s so captivated by their sad tune, he can’t help but add his own to it.


I love this little piece. It actually reminds me of myself, when I was in school. I used to shut myself up in the music rooms, and practice my favourite songs, while everyone was hanging out either on the green or in the lunch room. I was never one for the noise, and although I’d invite people to join me, no one ever did. It just shows the power of isolation, and how lonely it can be. Sometimes, you have to walk out the door, and believe that someone will be there to keep you company.

3. Little Darling

This one is one of the cute ones that I really like. It’s about a love that can never be. The main characters are on the opposite sides of a cuckoo clock, and it follows the male lead as he tries to figure out a way, to get to his lady love. He plans intricately what he needs to do, and eventually finds out how to get them together, but it requires a little bit of sacrifice.


If you’re one for love overcoming the worst of situations, this is definitely a good watch. I don’t think it’s a tearjerker, but if you’re at that point in your life where emotions run high, and you just need a good cry, this would definitely help with that.

4. Birth of the Lotus

This piece is rather nostalgic for me. I do love the “sacrificing for the ones you love” stories the best ones. It starts off with a man taking samples of flowers and leaves, maybe for some research or something, but as he ventures towards the lake, he stumbles upon a nymph (or whatever she is). Of course, being the only living creature in that lake, she’s scared of him, but when he slips and falls, she sacrifices her roots, in order to save him.


This is another tearjerker. It ends sadly, but with every story tragic story, there’s always a message of hope, and this one comes in the unlikeliest forms. I do love this story, even though it is a little cliché, and I think, if you’re one for the sacrificing themes, then definitely check it out!

5. Blood Ties

Created by the CGBros, this piece already has an award (I can’t remember what for, but it says it in the title). Blood ties is about a family and their rather disturbing relationship. It’s an abstract piece, that takes place on a “coming of age” birthday of the main female character. It looks at how her life has been controlled by her father, and how she is in constant fear of him. Eventually, she takes matters into her own hands, and things spiral out of control.


Every now and then, I am up for those “I will do what I have to, to protect myself and those I truly love” stories. Sometimes these can be seen in music videos, in films or in short animations, like this one. It brings out the dark side in all of us, but it also shows that it can also be controlled, if you know how to. Not to mention it highlights the important issue of domestic abuse, and possibly something a lot worse. Although it’s not as prominent as what you’d see in actual films, it’s a good reminder, and the abstract style of it really does emphasise it.

So, there are my top five short animated favourites. If you’d like to check out more, just go to YouTube and type in “short animated film” in the search bar and watch them to your heart’s content. Sometimes, these shorts are better than a movie, since you don’t get dialogue, and it’s all in the facial expression, body language and the music, and that’s what makes these shorts so poignant and sweet. I know I’ll be watching these for a while.

Now, it’s your turn. Is there a particular short that you like? Have you watched any of these ones? What did you think of them? Leave your tips in the jar below and we’ll see you soon!

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