Feather’s Travels

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Feather’s Travels! This is the home of my travel journals, and a few hidden gems too! There are two paths you can take here, so choose wisely, you wouldn’t want to stumble onto something that might not be within your budget.


Feather’s Day Trips

Here you’ll find all my day trip adventures. For those of us who can’t afford a luxurious holiday to Europe, across the pond, or even Asia, this path will show you the beauty of home (that is if you live here in the UK). Be cautious, some trips might be more expensive than others, so be prepared to part with your salary.


Feather’s Vacations

This path is for those who are prepared to take that daringly expensive adventure. As many of you know, I have nearly been all around the world (besides South America and Africa), and the journals along this path was what started this section of this website. So, if you’d like to hike the mountains of Prague with me, or ride a calming gondola in Venice, take this path to discover what else the world has to offer.

Either path will lead you down great adventures, and perhaps you might find inspiration enough to visit these places. If you already have, why don’t you tell us about your adventures, I’m pretty sure they’d be as interesting, if not even more. So go ahead, let us know what you’ve been up to, and perhaps I might feature it in my next update.

Well, what do you guys think! Let me know, and I’ll see you all soon.

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