Feather’s Day Trips: Episode 3 – The Last-Minute Christmas Trip

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It’s almost time for us to get all those goodies, we’ve bought over the last few weeks, wrapped up and under the tree before anyone else notices, but there are a few of us, who have yet to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Today, I’ll be talking about the recent solo trip I took to Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. Join me on the journey, as I search for those last-minute buys that I’m sure will make any family delighted at Christmas!

Let’s Start The Journey

So, for those of you who are in the London area for Christmas, I would suggest checking out the massive shopping centre known as Westfield. There’s a branch in Shepherd’s Bush, or if you’re closer to the east side, in Stratford (although I do love the Shepherd’s Bush branch better).


Skating on a Winter Wonderland

At this time of year, they go all out to decorate the building-s. They even added an ice rink to the main plaza and have various stalls to decorate its edges! Now, I didn’t skate, because I had no one with me at the time, and I was on a mission to get all my presents before it turned too dark, but had I gone, I probably would have had a hard time getting around the rink.

img_2845 img_2846

From what I saw, on the second floor, the rink gets packed, very easily, especially on the weekends, but if you’re up for a good skate, indoors, try it out! I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun with your friends. I wouldn’t recommend skating here with a loved one, since it would probably be more romantic if it were outdoors and at night (sue me, I like the cliché!).

A Crowd of Shopping

Like I said before, I was on a mission to get all my last-minute presents at home, before it got too dark. So, I started browsing, and rather quickly at that. I didn’t even have time to take any pictures! However, if you’re looking for those last-minute Secret Santa picks, or those stocking fillers, I’ve got just the list for you.

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The Final Leg

So, you might already have some idea for your next shopping trip, but if you want real specifics for those hard-to-buy-for friends, then listen up!

For any guy (or gal) who’s into their gadgetry, then the best store you can hit up is…




It’s a wonderful toy shop, if you’re into technology and random gadgets. They’ve got toys from Funko Pops, to portable massage cushions, and they’ve even got a whole section dedicated to drinking games! (You can even buy prank gifts, if you’re that type of friend, or you have that type of friend). If you’re looking for that perfect gift for that drinker friend, there’s a whole slew of products you can buy for them: hip flasks, bottle sized glasses, a hands-free drinking cap…you can even buy them a box full of drinking games too!



Not only that, if your friend is a gamer, there are tons of gadgets you could buy for them. That massage cushion is one. Trust me, if you’re a gamer, you’d know that sitting in one chair all day, without so much as good back support will slowly start to make things really uncomfortable. So, a good massage cushion is always the best gift for them, if you have the money.

Moving On

The next store on our list, is more for those of us who’d like to pamper ourselves, on a regular basis. That is, if you like keeping your skin smooth and healthy, or if you like the luxury spa treatment at home, then this next store is for you.

Rituals Cosmetics



Its products range from bath soaps and shampoos, to tea cups and incense sticks. If you’d like your home to smell like a Christmas spa, or if you want to feel like you’re in a hotel, then this store is one of the best for you, or whoever you’re buying for. Their gift boxes contain a range of bath and beauty products, not just for her, but for him as well! From £18 up, you can get a whole collection of their products, wrapped up in one neat little beautiful box (complete with a ribbon and bow!).



If you’d rather buy a single gift, and not bombard your friends with another gift box, then try the incense sticks. You don’t need a candle or a flame to coax out the scent, the sticks do that for you. Not to mention they make great decorations for your home.

The prices range from £14.50 to £39.50, depending on how luxurious you want your house to smell like. Personally, I’d go for the £25.50 fragrances, because they last for up to 3 months, which is a great deal, considering the mini version only lasts three weeks.

The container comes with the sticks, the fragrance, a decorative wooden top, and a manual, on how to use the pack. I’ve had mine for the last three months now, and I must say, my room smells like a luxurious hotel, every time I step into it. Oh, and one more thing, the fragrance refills cost £23.50, while the refill sticks only cost £0.50.

Speaking of Bath and Beauty…

I’ve mentioned this earlier in the week, about how bath and beauty products are never a hit and miss, especially if they’re bath salts, bath bombs or shower oils, then this next store will be perfect for you and your friends…




Have you reached the last of your shopping list? Still don’t know what to get that difficult friend of yours? Then simply go to Lush. Their range of bath bombs is the best! Not only do you get a fun surprise at the end, like a small note or glitter, their scents are to die for! I’ve only occasionally bought these bath bombs for myself, and I only ever use them as a treat, if I’ve completed a major project, or I’ve received one as a present. However, I have to say, I might just drop by and get a bath bomb or two, just because I love the smell.



Their scents range from thick and creamy to flowery and crisp, and each one has funky names to go with them. For example, if you like the sharp snap of a rose, mixed with neroli or grapefruit, then get the Frozen bomb, for only £4.25. If you’re into the thick and creamy scent of vanilla and gardenia, then the Error 404 bomb is right for you, at £4.04 (I see what you did there Lush!). There are so many scents, and so many mixtures, that it’s almost a crime you can’t make one up for yourself.

If you’re not into the bath bombs, or if you don’t have a bath tub, then I suggest going for one of their other products, like their natural soaps, or their lotions and jellies. You can even buy products for your hair and face. They even have natural face masks, if you’d like to pamper your skin with the tingle of fruity and fresh scents.

Wander Around The Indoor Wonderland

These are just a few of my favourite shops, here at Westfield, there are many stores that I could even spend the entire day exploring, like their make-up stalls that you’ll find dotting the place, or even the food court on the second floor. I know that the minute I stepped through those doors, I was in for the luxury experience, never mind the fact that I wasn’t in The Village section of the centre (it’s the high class end, where you’ll find the big name brands like PradaVersaceChanel, etc.).



There are so many things to do there, you could even make it a day out with your family, since there’s a Kidzania experience for the kids there, not to mention the many toy stores that dot the place (I’m sure you’ll easily find the Disney store, if you looked hard enough). So why don’t you try it? Don’t just go for the main attraction at the plaza, there are tons of things to see and do, all you have to do is look.

See You In Barcelona!

Well, that’s it from me here on Feather’s Day Trips. Join me on my next big adventure in Barcelona, just before the new year hits! Posts will be up from the 26th to the 30th, so watch out for them! For now, why don’t you hit up the other sections of this blog, I’m sure there are plenty of interesting things you’ll find. You might even be inspired to even handcraft your own presents next year! It’s all up to you.

See you all next time!

This is Feather, signing out!

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