Feather’s Day Trips: Episode 6 – Lost In The City

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the week, where I tell you about the adventures I’ve had in London! Recently, I made a trip to Central London and found myself wandering along one of the many winding streets you find there. I ended up on Charing Cross Road, which is almost fully comprised of shops, but not just any shops, oh no…

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You see, as a fan of books, I love antique books, and if I had a library of my own, they’d be decorated with such books. There were a couple of book shops that I just had to go in and take a look for myself. The first one I went to was a little green shop, that boasted their grand collection of antique books. It was called…

Quinto Francis Edwards Antiquarian Booksellers


You have no idea how much I wanted to keep all the books in that shop. Just look at them!

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Not only were their shelves full of antique books, they even had an old fireplace as a decorative piece in their basement (which was, once more, full of old books). I could have spent my entire day there, just admiring their collection. I would have bought one, but I wouldn’t know where I’d put it. I don’t have the shelf space.

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The next booksellers I went to was called…

Henry Pordes Books

This place was just as full of antique books as the other. I mean one section of their shop (because they had two sections) was dedicated to old books. I even picked up a Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibilities book and it was old!


I don’t think I need to explain how giddy I was in those book shops. They were just heaven, for me! I think I’ll be visiting again one of these days, just to spend the entire day there. So, if you’re looking for me, you’ll know where to find me!

 How To Get There

If you’re in the Leicester Square area, turn left from the station (if you’re under the Hippodrome Casino. If you’re on the same side as the Angus Steakhouse restaurant, walk forward). It’s just down that road you’re on. You can’t miss it.


Oh! Did I mention that some of the books are fairly cheap? There are some that only cost about £5! Of course, if you want the bigger books, they’re going to be a bit dearer, so you might want to save up for those, if you’re an antique book collector.

Well, I guess that’s it from me today! I think it’s time I returned to that hefty Les Misérables volume that’s demanding my attention, but I won’t leave it there. Leave a comment about these book stores, if you know them. Have you bought a book from them before, will you buy one again? What do you think about antique books? I’ll see you all next week, when I post another story snippet on Monday! Watch out, it’s going to be a good one!

This is Feather, signing out!

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