Feather’s Day Trips: Episode 8 – A Family Workout Spree

Hello Everyone!

It’s travel time! What have I got in store for you? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram (which I recommend you do), you’ll know that I’m trying to get back into a fitness routine that sees me last a few years longer, and what started it all off was a trip to the gym last week, with my family! The place we went to was…

The Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Leisure Centre

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Ok, so there was a mix-up in my mom’s idea of a “spa day”. Alright, here’s some context. When we think “spa”, what do we think? Massage, facials, Jacuzzis, etc. When my mom thinks “spa”, she thinks sauna steam room and gym. Granted nearly every spa centre also include these facilities, but she only goes for those one. So, when she booked it, she didn’t factor in the fact that they didn’t do the massage end of things. Essentially, we went on a fitness spree.

Hesitancy At The Desk

So, first things first, we had to book ourselves in. Thankfully, my sister and I were with our parents that day, because we would have been completely lost and arguing amongst each other about who should approach the lovely and completely harmless receptionists. Ok, registering our names down and proving we’d booked a place on their systems was no problem, but it was what happened after that gave us pause.



You see, over the phone, my mom was promised robes, slippers and towels for the package she booked, but it turns out that the robes and slippers were only provided for staying guests. Well that’s not a bad thing, after all it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from the changing rooms to the pool and gym, so we let it slide, but word of caution, if you’re a neat freak (like me at times) then I suggest you bring your own robe and slippers. They did have walking mats and everything, but I wouldn’t count out the fact that they use a lot of detergents to keep it clean.

Timid Entrances



This mostly applied to my sister and me. We’re the typical introverts that hate going new places, despite our constant plans to go to this place or other, so when we emerged from the changing rooms, ready to get on that gym equipment, we were rather…shy. In fact, the both of us were too shy to go anywhere near the far side of the gym, where everyone practically was, because the dumbbells and weights were there. Instead we stayed nearer the entrance, so that when we were done, we could have easily dash out and get to the pool as fast as we could.


Now the equipment was easy enough to handle, they had quick workout sessions that can last 20 minutes, or you could go for the tailored ones that trained you, if you wanted. I went with the quick 20 minute sesh, because I wanted to be in and out of that gym as quickly as I could. I’m not used to working out with other people, and having these macho men and women hanging around gave me the chills (not the good kind).

Poolside Relaxation

Now this was the place my sister and I would rather be. Of course, she mourned the fact that she wanted to work out a little more, but my mom had had enough, and I didn’t want to practice my yoga routine on a mat that I didn’t know. So, with our gym expedition behind us, we hung by the pool. The first thing we did was to check out the sauna and the steam room, and boy were they amazing!



In my opinion both rooms are excellent for sweating things out. I mean, yeah, they barely do anything fitness wise, but the heat in those rooms is delicious, especially because it’s still winter here in the UK. However, if I’m being honest, I prefer the sauna, not because it’s dry heat and going into such a hot room before plunging into the pool is an awesome feeling, but because I love the smell of heated wood! I’m so tempted to find out what kind of wood they use, just so I can find a fragrance for my room! Honestly, I love the smell!



Now, with my legs all wibbly from the running machine, and then plunging into a hot room, I couldn’t swim very well, so in the end I lounged by the pool with my music in my ears, soaking up the feeble sun that filtered through the windows. It was heaven. If you’re not into the gym area, then check out the pool, and definitely give the sauna and steam room a go. Granted, when we went, it wasn’t as decorated or as pretty as it is in the pictures, but hey, pictures are pictures, and at the end of the day you want the experience, not the view.

So that’s it for this week. Let us know what you think. Have you been to the Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Leisure Centre? What did you think of it? Have you tried any other centres as well? Leave a comment below, and maybe we’ll be inspired to check out your recommendations! See you next week!

This is Feather, signing out!

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