Feather’s Day Trips: Episode 9 – Piggy Lunches

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time again, where we look at the places I’ve been to, and explore them! Today, I’ll be talking about a rather well-known restaurant chain, of which I’m sure many of you Londoners are aware of. This place, is called…


If you haven’t heard of it, click the link on the name, it’ll take you to their website!

Wagamama is an Asian fusion restaurant (similar to Hare and Tortoise) but the prices aren’t that bad. To tell you the truth, I’ve been to Wagamama quite a number of times before. In fact, I remember the first time I went, I was a little over 11 years old. My sister and I were at our mom’s work, because there was no one at home to take care of us, and we couldn’t afford a babysitter, and for lunch, we went to Wagamama. It was a magical time.


Now, I travel to the nearest Wagamama restaurant, whenever I get the hankering for Asian fusion food. They’ve got everything from Kimchi, to Ramen bowls, and even Curries!  If you want to take a look at their menu, click the link below.

The Menu

As for why I’m writing about Wagamama now, well…in the spirit of “getting healthy” I thought I’d write one about them…Ok, so my family and I went two weeks ago, when we went to that gym and pool to “get fit”. In all honesty, we lost the muscles we gained that day, by pigging out at Wagamama, but if you knew how good the food was, you wouldn’t blame us!

Let’s Pig Out!

Ok, so if you looked at their menu, you’d understand that the restaurant chain has a wide range of dishes. They have curries, donburis (rice bowls), ramen and udon bowls, teppanyaki and salads; not to mention a range of side dishes like dumplings and kimchi! There’s also a kids menu, if you’re thinking about taking the family. Just looking at that menu is making my mouth water…anyone hungry?


Moving on, I’ve tried nearly every ramen bowl, and had the Chicken Katsu Curry dish more than five times, and every time I feel like I’m in spicy heaven. This time was no different. Yes, the dish is on the spicy side, and as someone who doesn’t take to spice very well, this is one dish I am willing to endure because the flavours are that awesome! If you want the mild dishes, I suggest the donburi or ramen bowls.

The Best Time For Ramen

Now, it’s become a family tradition, for my family, to go to Wagamama at night, in winter. It’s the best time to have their ramen dishes. Not only is it a comfort food for us, those flavour packed dishes will leave you full for the rest of the evening. If you’re stuck for these delicious bowls of hot comfort, I suggest going with the Wagamama special. It has everything from chicken, pork and beef, to prawns and mussels.


Sometimes, I have their ramen bowls in the summer, because they are the best go to dishes. If you’re not feeling adventurous at all, these ramen bowls will basically ensure you don’t go hungry, until your next meal. I suggest, for the summer, go for the seafood or yasai (vegetable) ramen, it’s not as hot as the meat ones.

My Meal

When we were there, two weeks ago, I had the Chicken Katsu Curry, as always. I was craving it as soon as I stepped through the door, although I also wanted the donburi. I hadn’t ordered one yet, and I was itching to try it. However, my sister ordered the donburi, and…let’s just say, we fed each other bits of our food. I also ordered a side of fried prawn gyoza (dumplings). They’re on the crispy side, and they are very hot (not spicy, just hot), so be careful or you’ll burn your tongue. I had these gyoza once before, on a whim, and I can’t get enough of them. Now, every time I go, I’ll be ordering these delicious fireballs of prawns.


As for my drink, I had the tropical juice, which they make themselves. These juices are what I like to call “healthy” because they are pretty much just fruit juice. I don’t think they’re from concentrate, because they did have pulp and when I’d finished the drink, there was a lot of pulp at the bottom. If you want one of these “smoothies” (as I like to call them), stir it first, you’ll thank me for it. Oh! I forgot to mention! If you order the green tea, you don’t have to pay for it! The green tea is free!

The Dessert

Ok, this is the part I absolutely love. The main meal is awesome, and while I do go to Wagamama for the main course, I cannot leave the restaurant without the dessert. They have a small dessert menu, so you don’t have to tear your hair out for the choice you have to make. The basic menu is a choice of mochi ice cream balls, banana katsu (fried banana with ice cream), sweet onigiri (rice balls), coconut sorbet and a choice of three cakes.


With the onigiri, banana katsu and coconut sorbet, there is no choice, but the mochi ice cream balls and the cakes, you do get choices. There are three mochi balls you can choose from, coconut, sesame and raspberry. The cakes are a choice of chocolate fudge, a white chocolate and ginger cheesecake, or a passion fruit cheesecake. Of course, you can’t always choose between them. That’s why they offer samples of all three choices, for both the mochi balls and the cakes!


For my choice, I had the samples of the cakes, while my sister had the raspberry mochi balls (those ones are her favourite). Now these cakes are absolutely delicious! I have them every time I go to Wagamama, because they are that tasty! I couldn’t choose even if you held a gun to my head. They’re just absolutely divine. If you’re a cake lover, I suggest trying these cakes! Of course, now that I look at the pictures. I’ll be adventurous next time, and go for the banana katsu, or the onigiri balls.


Well, that’s it from me this week. Let us know if you’ve been to Wagamama before. What did you think of their food? What about the service? Is there a special dish you’d like me to try (as long as it’s not spicy)? Leave your tips in the jar below and we’ll see you next week!

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