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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the rest of the world! No seriously, if you’ve chosen this path, you’ve decided to take an adventure outside your own home. Here you’ll find my daily journal entries for every vacation I’ve taken outside of the country. So if you’re raring to go running around the world, you might just find some inspiration here.

So check it out here!

The Swiss Mountain Playground banner

The Swiss Mountain Playground

We’re in Switzerland guys! Join Feather and family as we traverse this strangely beautiful fairy-tale land. Climb the Swiss Alps with us, and guzzle down on Swiss chocolate and cheese, or play with us at the highly sophisticated center, CERN, in Geneva and learn all there is to know about the universe. Let’s end this hiatus with a Big Bang.

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The German Holiday

Welcome to Berlin! Join the entire Charm clan as we venture out into the big wide world of Germany and explore the historic sights and Christmas markets of the great city. Enjoy Schnitzel and Brockhurst as we gulp down the delights of Gluwein and roasted chestnuts. Celebrate the festive season with us as we go on a German Holiday.

The Venice Adventure copy

The Venetian Adventure

Welcome to Venice, or shall I say Benvenuto! Although this is the first time I’m visiting, I absolutely love this city! The weaving canals, the narrow streets and the rich culture that endlessly flow from such a beautiful land. Not to mention they make the most beautiful Venetian masks that I’ve ever scene (masquerade balls were my inspiration when I was younger, thanks to one of the most famous musicals of all time “The Phantom of the Opera”!)


Feather In Prague

Welcome to the first series of my travelling adventures! Here the old soul will be a big factor. Prague is home to many great architectural structures in the world, including the Klementinum library! Here we shall take a trip through the Renaissance and Baroque periods, live in the opulence that once was the royal empire of Czechoslovakia and wander the gardens of the gods. Come with me to visit the beautiful city of Prague, Český Krumlov, Pravčická Brána and Karlovy Vary.

Well, what do you guys think! Let me know, and I’ll see you all soon.

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