Feather In Prague – A Lazy Day

Hello everyone! 

It’s time for day two to begin! So having woken early (despite only getting 5 hours of sleep), I finally showered (Thank God!), and in time for the breakfast buffet too! Oh by the way, today was a really lazy day, so there will be no pictures here. Sorry!

 Next it was time for breakfast…oh…I just realised I should have brought my phone to take a picture of the place…but oh well, let’s just say there were 5-6 table of food and drink! Anyway, as we were eating, I found out something interesting. It turns out that the reason why we were hopelessly lost yesterday was because the Garmin (aka GPS) didn’t have the maps of the Chezch Republic. Apparently my dad didn’t want to pay £70 to buy the maps, so we’ve had to resort to paper maps, or better yet (if you think it is) mom has to now pay £5 a day to access her mobile data to use Google Maps…although in the end we simply decided to use the paper ones and ask for directions.

So what did we do today? We basically went shopping. Since we were without maps we just went to the nearby malls and shops, to get supplies like hair conditioner, body wash, food, etc. tomorrow is when the real fun begins (sightseeing).

Theme Time

Now, ever since last night, I’ve been trying to find a theme for Prague, because I usually do, whenever I go on trips abroad. In Malaga I had the Kelly Clarkson phase, in Rome I had the Demi album, and in Belgium I had Taize in my head! When I first landed here in Prague, I originally thought classical music would do me over, but now I look around at the minimalistic buildings, my thoughts turn to the Inception soundtrack. I don’t know about you but the flat facades and the neutral colours remind me of Cobb’s limbo. It was even more prominent when we were driving around late last night. No one was out and the streets were pretty deserted. It’s actually quite unusual, because even midnight in London there is always activity, regardless of the time of week.

Well whatever it is that reminds me of Inception, at least it’s something, perhaps it’s the graffiti here. It’s everywhere.

Weird Shopping

Ok, so we made it to the shopping mall, and surprisingly there’s a Tesco! I thought it was only in the UK! It’s strange to see it in a different country! Shopping there was a very surreal experience. Although, many times, we’ve had to shop in a supermarket, but seeing the same brands that we’re used to just made things really weird.

Rest Time

So, after buying whatever it was we needed we went back to the hotel to put away the stuff we bought and so that mom and dad could get our return tickets ready for when we do leave in 6 days and to set up the SIM card they bought with the stuff. Turned out they were going to use it rather than simply trying to rely on the maps they originally bought. Well at least it saved us some money.

While they do that, my sister and I are having a jamming session in our room, while we play games waiting for the adults to finish up their business.

So once that was done, mom and dad tried to top up their new SIM card at a gas station, but they didn’t do mobile top ups, unfortunately. Then mom had a brilliant idea, she thought it would be good to go back to Tesco and ask the people there if they could help us top up their new SIM card, leaving my sister and I bored in the car, listening to music and working on…well this post! Actually, talking about SIM cards, my dad almost lost the package that the card came in. He forgot he gave it back to my mom, and he searched the entire car looking for it. Where do you think it was?

If you guessed her pocket, you’re right. He got me to check the back of the car to see if it dropped back here but it didn’t and because mom trusted me to hold onto her jacket I decided to check there, and the first pocket I checked I felt the familiar edges of a card, and yes it was the card they were looking for!

Really Lazy Days

Well, now all that’s left is to wait…unfortunately they couldn’t get it to work, so we were directed to a shopping mall called Metropole, and there we spent the whole day, simply shopping and eating. There really wasn’t much to it, except a random fountain in the middle of the mall, but I was too tired to even take a picture (Sorry).

So what did we buy? Mom and dad finally got the card to work, but bought another one to use the Internet. Apparently, the one they got was for calls rather than the Internet, so they had to get another pay as you go SIM card for that. In truth we didn’t buy much, mom just bought fake grass for her office. I think it was more of something that is spaced between the fake flowers.

Anyway, that was it, we didn’t really do much, except look around. At the end of our shopping trip we just sat down and reminisced about previous trips, especially ones to Western Europe. Soon we were heading out the door only to find the rain greeting us…I thought the weather predictions said it wasn’t going to rain! Ugh just our luck I guess. Oh well.

So back at the hotel, we just relaxed, played on our iPads and watched some Supernatural and Parks And Recreation! Now it’s nearly 9:00pm here and to be honest none of us can be bothered to go out to eat. I think today’s gonna end here, so I’ll see you all tomorrow, where the fun will really begin!

This is Feather Charm signing out!

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