Feather In Prague – Český Krumlov

Hello everyone, 

Today we’re finally using the car. Although we began our journey, nearly 3 hours later than we should have. You see, last night there was an emergency fire drill, at 12:30am! So both myself and my parents woke up late. Of course we had breakfast at 9:00am instead of the usual 8:15am. Next we had to wait for dad to speak to the police so that he could be reimbursed the fine by the insurance company, because there is no doubt he’ll have to pay for the damage, it’s just the way things are.

The Endless Wait

So while we were waiting for dad to finish up with the police, my sister watched an amazingly funny show called Parks and Recreation (Thank you Amy Phoeler/Leslie Knope for your political wisdom!). We managed to get through three episodes before we could finally go on this much needed car ride!

Finally On The Road To Český Krumlov

You know what…I was so tempted not to write a blog post for today. We literally spent nearly the entire day driving, which was great, don’t get me wrong, but there really wasn’t much in Český Krumlov, it was simply an old heritage village (thanks to UNESCO) with a castle in the centre, built out of the rock it’s standing on. We didn’t go in, because there was really no point (once you’ve been to one castle, you’ve been to them all). We simply walked the small village, more like a hamlet, and bought some souvenirs. That was it. Then it was back to the hotel, which is a two/three hour drive away.






















There Wasn’t Much To See So We Went Home

On the ride back, my sister and I took our much deserved naps because of the stupid fire alarm last night. When I woke up, I found my sister laughing at me, for no apparent reason. I later discovered it was because she was watching me sleep, and apparently I look funny when I sleep. She even took a video of me sleeping (which, to my utter humiliation, is really embarrassing and unflattering). Soon after that we started talking about the different antics we all do when we’re unconscious, like my dad snoring, my sister talking in her sleep, etc. I couldn’t breathe after that! It was just so funny!

Anyway…we made our way to the nearby mall Metropole, where we grabbed some dinner and a few groceries for the long ride tomorrow. We are going to the mountains, which we should have done today, if not for the car problems. So that will be fun. I just hope I don’t nap like that on the way there and back!

So once more, this is Feather signing out!  

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(P.S. sorry it’s so short, there really wasn’t much to see at the little town…except the decorated buildings.)

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