Feather In Prague – Karlovy Vary

Hello everyone!

Well, today is our last day before we fly back home tomorrow. So what did we do today? First, you should know that for the past two days I wasn’t feeling very well, and it seemed today was going to be the peak of this cold. Originally my parents planned to go back to the centre of Prague, just to say goodbye for one last time. However my new condition put them off, so we decided to visit Karlovy Vary, the best place for a spa retreat for the rich here in the Czech Republic.

It was a long drive, and thankfully I managed to get some shut eye, to recover what little body function I could. When I woke up next we were there, finding a place to park to be able to walk about and see the sights. Thank goodness my limbs had recovered otherwise this trip would have been hell.

The Carriage Ride

When we stepped out of the car I had fully expected to walk the entire way to where we were supposed to go. However on our way, we passed by a horse drawn carriage. I looked upon it longingly without realising my parents had decided to actually take the carriage ride around town. Yes! I finally get to go on one of these things! As some may already know, I am an old soul, and I really love the idea of taking carriage rides around town and dress up in fine clothing, and my dream finally came true!



It was a relaxing change from yesterday, since our main activity yesterday was a hike through the forest, a half an hour carriage ride was a really nice change. So after the ride we set out on foot to find the church and the natural fountain we’d passed on our carriage ride. We took lots of pictures and bought souvenirs along the way (actually I’d just remembered I still had work next Friday and I completely forgot I had to get souvenirs for my supervisors. So yes, I got their souvenirs today. _mg_2151





The Hot Spring

You know, when I packed my bags for Prague, I had thought it was going to be very hot here, since predictions had estimated the temperature to already be in the 20s (Celsius), however I noticed there were many people in jeans and I cursed myself for only bringing two pairs of leggings and shorts! In the end I survived, I managed to last the day in my short shorts so everything is fine.

When we arrived at the fountain, I felt hot almost instantly. After all, it is a hot spring. We had also tried to grab some water from the fountains that were created for the public, but we soon found them hot (of course). You see, my mom thought it a good idea to fill our measles plastic bottles with the water, because she thought they were cold, but unfortunately she was wrong, and I drank an entire bottle thinking I could fill it up (boy, was I wrong).







Goodbye To You, The Czech Republic

After taking a few more pictures, we ate at a nearby café and took a stroll along the “high street” where shops of delicate glassware and luxury brands were on display. As we looked around, I really felt like I belonged, not in terms of the people and the place but the time. You see, the Czech Republic is a country stuck in the baroque period and I absolutely love that period, all the way up to Art Nouveu. I really felt like an old soul and I loved it. I think I might have been an aristocrat in a past life.

Anyway, after taking our stroll down Karlovy Vary, past the preparations for the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, we made our way back to the car, and drove back to our hotel. When we got there we began packing for the long day tomorrow, and in truth, I feel very blessed and happy that we did the things we did this week. I can honestly say that I do like Prague, and although it’s no Brugge, it is a little piece of my past that I will never forget.

Well, this is Feather signing out for the last time, here in Prague!

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