Feather In Prague – Pravčická Brána

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it’s already Friday? That leaves Saturday and Sunday for us here in Prague! If you’ve been reading the series you’ll know this trip has had its ups and downs, but regardless of all that this has been a great vacation. What did we do today? As I said yesterday, we went to the mountains that form the border of Germany and the Czech Republic and hiked up all the way to the rock formation, called Pravčická Gate. It’s what we set out to do today. 

So after the two hour drive, we found a place to park at the base of the mountain and walked from there. It took nearly an hour to reach the top. My mind just kept going back to the fantasy. The forest was just so beautiful I wanted to live there forever!

Picture Time!

Well, I think the title is self-explanatory, once more, I’ll remind you, this forest was absolutely gorgeous! I loved every minute I spent there! Honestly, I felt like Arwen or some sort of forest spirit wandering between time and space to live with the trees!

20150626_152653 20150626_135838 20150626_132529 20150626_132458

20150626_132046 20150626_125628











(Oh! By the way, do you see that house in the last picture? THAT HOUSE IS IN GERMANY! Yes, Pravčická Brána is at the border between Germany and the Czech Republic!)

At The Arch

Anyway, when we got to the top, there was a restaurant and a few viewpoints. As we gazed upon Pravčická Gate I noticed a very distinctly familiar scene…I know many of you didn’t really like this film, but if you’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4, you’ll know what I mean. There is a scene in this film when Blackbeard and Jack are spying on a wrecked Spanish ship and they were situated under an archway. This is what that formation reminded me of. It was crazy!






Needless to say, the view was breathtaking and I loved every minute of the journey (I got to take some awesome pictures on the way). However I couldn’t take a picture of the view, from the top, because just before we got to the restaurant at the top, the camera I was using died on me…nor did the spare battery even work! So when I upload the pictures, I’ll be relying on my dad’s and sister’s pictures.

Now after our midday snack and some more picture taking, we finally trekked back down the mountain, which didn’t take nearly as long as the climb up! We were going to take the bus back to the main road, but because they were an hour apart, and the direction they were going was not in our favour, we walked all the way back to the car, which has completely wiped us out.

So, that’s it for now, and I’m now going to sleep, this car ride is making my eyes heavy and I don’t think my brain will work for any more words.

Alright, so this is Feather signing out!

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