Feather In Prague – The City Of Prague: Day 1

Hello everyone! 

Another dawn, another day. Well, it’s another early start for us here in Prague…well early for some of us. You see, I was told that we were to get ready before breakfast starts, and my sister thinks she can slum it until breakfast. Not to mention she doesn’t like it when I try to wake her up…but for some reason she’s amicable when it comes to our parents…oh well I guess that’s moody younger siblings for you!

Anyway, as I mentioned before today is the day we finally get some sightseeing done! We’re taking the tram to the city centre so we don’t need to drive anywhere, and we have our Google Maps to guide us as we’re walking about! Hooray!


Gallery Time

Ok, so while my sister was being stroppy, I learned how to live in the moment. On our tram journey we made several changes to get to our first site, and all around us I see so many Baroque buildings that are just simply beautiful! The architecture is so old I feel like I’ve stepped into the past and our first visit here is to a castle!

Walking around this former palace (Palace Lobkowicz) I’m reminded of a gallery rather than a castle! I guess it’s because it’s devoid of any sort of furniture that once made it so. Oh well! (By the way, there were no cameras allowed, in the gallery part of the palace, so I have no pictures of the portraits that we saw, which I have to say were really beautiful!)

Just a little side note, we forgot to bring the actual “big” camera (as we call it)…the DSLR…so the pictures here are what you’d expect from amateur photographers and travellers sorry about that.


The entrance square to the Palace complex. There’s so much here, there’s a post office, an embassy…EVEN A CATHEDRAL! That’s is totally crazy! There’s like three museums here, and the palace we’re going to is one of them!


  This is the front of the cathedral I told you about. It’s huge, I couldn’t even get a full picture of it because it was so tall!

As you can see there’s loads of embellishments in this picture alone, imagine how many more embellishments there are on the whole building! Pictures aren’t even good enough to show how baroque this building is!


This is the entrance to the Lobkowicz Palace, the pictures of the people behind me (except Beethoven) are all part of the royal family that used to rule the Czech Republic before it was even a Republic. (Yes, if you look closely, I’m wearing a Doctor Who hoodie – it was the only warm thing I brought, and it was light too!)


This is part of the ceiling decor that was part of the palace. Now it’s part of the rooms in which daily concerts are held for the public. The tickets are reasonable and you don’t have to dress up for it, anyone can join (unless they have a ticket) It’s really worth checking out, if you are into Classical music like I am.


This is the salon I was talking about. The one where they hold their concerts. It’s cute! I actually felt like some sort of aristocrat when I was sitting there, watching it!


Just another poster about the Lobkowicz Palace. Who knew that some of Beethoven’s masterpieces were dedicated to the rulers of the Czech empire! It’s amazing what these people advocated for in their lifetimes. I mean, it’s not just music, they were also patrons of art and culture, they were really the leaders of the baroque period!

Break Time

Anyway, after our tour we had our “afternoon tea” and took pictures in the garden before the crème-de-la-crème, the midday classical concert. We lined up outside the small hall and while we waited my sister started to hiccup…now at this point I was in full-on musician mode and I started to worry that her hiccuping was going to distract, but thankfully it stopped before we entered.


 We got a guy to take our picture, using dad’s phone. Unfortunately his phone isn’t that great, as you can see it’s really dark.


Selfie time!


Isn’t the view amazing! Granted it sorta looks like a city in Italy, but I guess with all these musicians visiting from all over Europe, there would be a lot of influence from them, most from either Germany, Austria, Poland and Italy!

The Concert

As we sat waiting for the music to start, my eyes began to wander and to be honest, I felt like royalty. I mean, if you think about it, this was how royalty and the aristocracy was entertained…AND I GET TO EXPERIENCE IT!!!!

The concert was awesome, I heard some really beautiful pieces and some familiar ones. I really loved it! In fact, I think classical music will officially be the theme for Prague, after all, it is known for being a classical city.

The Jesus Child of Prague

So that done, we looked for the Church of Our Lady Victorious, it’s a Carmelite church and is the home of the Infant Child Jesus of Prague, it’s a famous figure made of wax and is an important relic of the Catholic Church. When I first saw the figurine, I was a bit confused, I wasn’t sure why it was such an important relic, but then I remembered, I had a replica at home, so it made sense from then on.


One of the many paintings that surround the church where the Prague Jesus Child is housed. You can’t really see it, because of the reflection, but I recommend you actually go there to see the beautiful artwork. As you can see the gold pillars are embellished with so many symbols of the majesty of Christ.


It’s not very visible (sorry about the quality) but in the silver and gold casing under the arch is the Jesus Child figurine. Today he’s wearing green robes (a symbol of the Catholic calendar, it’s what’s known as Ordinary Times) It’s pretty much the centre of attention. It’s not at the front, since that’s reserved for the altar, but to the right of it, and it really beautiful. When we entered the church I felt a wave of peace and serenity, I think you will too (if you just sit there, in silence, for a few moments.)

Getting Lost In Prague

Now, when we left the church, we went in search for a small theatre, because we needed to pick up some tickets for tomorrow. You see mom booked a performance at the Image Theatre. It’s a black light performance, where the performers dress up in colourful lights while they are surrounded by black and pretty much dance about. It’s supposed to be cool…we’ll see.

Just a little note on our trip. We got lost. Yes, I mean it, we got lost in Prague. We were relying on a “compass” that used our GPS location, but it wasn’t all that great. Because of this compass we ended up taking the long route to our destination, and it was really long!

By the time we found the theatre and the church, we were exhausted. We’ve been to nearly three cafes, just so we could rest our feet and have something to drink/eat for some strength. Luckily we did what we set out to do today:

  • Visit the Lobkowickz Palace
  • Get the tickets for the Image Theatre
  • See the wax figure of the Prague Jesus Child
  • See the astronomical clock in the Town Centre
  • And watch a musical performance in the middle of the day

Astronomical Clock

Oh…that’s right, I forgot to mention the clock. It’s a large decorative clock that has the twelve zodiac signs, and well…you can see it in the picture below…but the reason why this clock is quite famous is because when the clock chimes the hour, the twelve apostles reveal themselves and “greet” you. It’s pretty neat, and I’d recommend it, if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a few seconds of show (seriously, it wasn’t that long).



(Unfortunately we couldn’t get a proper picture of the clock, so we had to delete them and I have resorted to using a previous picture I found on Google – Sorry!)

Anyway, now it’s the end of the day, and we’re all pretty exhausted (my sister’s taking a nap right now, which sounds like a good idea), so I’m gonna sign it off here. Again I’m sorry there are no pictures, I used the camera, and I’m current working on my iPad at the moment so I can’t really upload any at the moment, so you’re going to have to wait until I return to London to edit these posts properly.

So once more this is Feather signing out!

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