Feather In Prague – The City Of Prague: Day 2

Hello everyone, 

Well, I just have to say, I almost forgot to write today’s post, thank goodness for my mom, who reminded me about it. So what did we do? First we went to this tall tower called the Petrin tower. We didn’t want to climb it at first, because we could see the stairs climbing up it but we found out that there was an elevator (Thank God!).

img_1906  img_1913

(Is it just me, or does this look a little bit like the Eiffel Tower?)

We got to the top, and as we began taking pictures we could feel the tower rocking…IT WAS ROCKING! And because we didn’t want to wait for the elevator, we took the stairs! By the time we got to the middle platform of the tower, I was ready to drop. My legs couldn’t stop shaking!


This shot was taken on the first floor, in the middle of the tower. It was covered and it had been raining beforehand, so naturally there are a few droplets of water on the windowpanes.


Isn’t Prague beautiful?

A Walk Around

After that we walked around the parks that surrounded the tower, and the castle here in Prague…You know what? I actually felt like royalty or some sort of aristocrat because as I was walking the endless pathways, I could just imagine myself walking with a long train (a medieval dress) and talking about politics with an advisor or whatever. It was magical.






The Mucha Museum

Now, we’re at a café eating cake and drinking tea, because our appetite isn’t big enough for lunch. After our much deserved break, we went straight to the Mucha Museum, the home of some really beautiful artwork. When we toured the museum, I had this deep urge to become an artist. I know I never will be, but you never know…Anyway, we got loads of souvenirs from the gift shop, and yes you may think it’s exploitation on their part, but I don’t care! I love it, and it gets my creative juices flowing…Don’t blame me! (Oh I couldn’t take any pictures while I was in that museum. I’d be caught if I did, so all you’ll really be left with is the name that I managed to take when we left. It was awesome though!)


The Klementinum Library

Next we went to the Klementinum library, (and on the way there, I bought a clock with one of Mucha’s paintings as its background – it’s the painting called Zodiac, which was actually used in a Nancy Drew game my sister and I used to play when we were younger) and when I stepped foot in the very old and very dusty library, I felt like I was actually there, when scholars and students used the globes and clocks and read the books all the while, I stood watching them, yearning to study with them. After that we went up the astronomical tower and the view there was breath-taking!


The old chapel or concert hall (I forget) I couldn’t get the entire ceiling, but the guide said that there are musical notes hidden amongst the scrolls that are painted there)


The view at the top of the astronomical tower. It was such a climb!

The Klementinum Library

(There were no pictures allowed so you’ll have to do with a sourced image.)



It was dark and musty, but it was worth it. You could see the details on the astronomical clocks and globes! The books were ancient and yes some were missing, only because they were being digitised for google, but that didn’t stop my imagination running wild. Remember I said I felt like an aristocrat? Well, standing at the door made me feel like one of the scholars at the library (because it used to be used by students when it was still open) and I just felt that library coming to life! I could see the ghosts of many pacing academics and scholars and I was speechless!

Time For A Break

Now I’m having hot chocolate, with banana and cinnamon, and a strawberry cheesecake, waiting for the show to start at the Image theatre. Oh…I forgot to mention, before we got to this café, we had been walking pretty much the entire day and my feet were almost about to give out before we sat! I almost collapsed onto the cobblestone because I was that tired!


Ok so before I get on with things. You should know that when I said I was having hot chocolate, I was literally having hot chocolate, I mean, there was hardly any milk, and it was the consistency of melted chocolate! It was so thick I couldn’t even finish it! Nonetheless, it was really good.

Anyway, onto the dance performance. Firstly, I found it amusing and…different. It was different because it was a pantomime interspersed with contemporary abstract dance movements. To be honest I preferred the light dances, because they were interesting and not at all traditional. Secondly, despite my fascination with the dance and the light show, a headache bloomed, so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. It began the moment the show began, and I had a suspicion that the reason why was because of the lights they used. I mean they were using black backdrops and neon or UV lights and that really hurt my eyes…I guess I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to lights).

Anyway, regardless of my moaning and complaints, today had been a really good day. I think I’m going to pin Prague as the city of art and culture (even though many other cities and countries have been attributed those honour). For me this is where art really happens, I mean, it has everything, music, art, dance…all that’s missing is poetry and plays, although I think the UK has all that down, since we’re known for our radical playwrights (Does Chaucer and Shakespeare ring a bell?).

So now, we’re back at the hotel, and ready to get some good night’s rest…although, as we walked through the door, my dad found out a scratch had been made on our rental car…we didn’t do it, because we hadn’t used the car, since the first day here, so we couldn’t have possibly made it. I just hope the rental company doesn’t fine us…of course I’m not really sure how these things go, I’m not a driver (yet) and I haven’t been the one to book these kinds of things…oh well, it’s really up to my dad to sort that out…

Well, that’s it for today. Tomorrow we’re headed for the mountains in the suburbs…this should be interesting…

This is Feather signing out!

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