Feather In Prague – The Journey

Hello everyone!

As you can tell from the title, I am in Prague…or at least I will be by 7:00/8:00pm London time! Today is the first day of my big trip to Prague. Unfortunately, as I upload this, I won’t be able to add pictures to the posts, but I will try my very best to do so when I get back to my trusty laptop! During this vacation, I’ll be relying on my iPad to do the talking with you guys, and since I’m not too keen about using it, it’s just the basics for now.

Let’s get to Prague!

Ok, so the day started pretty early for us…well early for some people. Anyway…at first we had decided that we were going to go to Heathrow, to wait for the shuttle to Gatwick, but at my sister’s insistence we were dropped off at Hatton Cross, and so our schedule changed. We originally wanted to leave the house at 11:00am, but because the journey was cut short, we could leave at 11:30. Now, I don’t know about any of you, but my father is a bit paranoid when we go on holidays so he insisted on showing people we’re not leaving the house. So we’ve got an elaborate routine to “trick” the neighbours. First, he drops us off at the tube station/Heathrow with all the bags, while he returns home to drop the car back at our front door. Next he gets a ride from a trusted friend or takes the bus back to where we’re waiting for him and then we finally make our way to the actual airport we’re departing from. Because he works with an airline, we can actually get he staff bus that goes to and from Heathrow and Gatwick (although the ride takes about an hour).


Now, as we’re waiting for my father to get to us at the tube station, I have time to re-pick some of the stuff we knew we were going to leave last minute, like deodorant, hair brushes, make-up (even though I decided not to wear any last minute), and an assortment of other things like my flash cards and pens (if I’m not in the likeliest place to whip out my iPad and start typing). With that done, my mother, sister and I simply waited for my father to finally arrive.

On A Side Note

As we were boarding the tube, my dad wanted to take the next train (God knows why) and thankfully the logic of my sister and mother, we took the first one. If you’ve been on a London Underground tube line (particularly the Piccadilly line) you’ll know there are two types of trains that go to Heathrow. One of them goes to terminal 4 and the other goes to terminal 5. Both go to terminals 1, 2 and 3. The one the three of us agreed to go on was the one to terminal 4, but my dad wanted to go on the one to terminal 5. Why, because the train went to terminals 1, 2 and 3 first, but that would have been a 7 minute wait, and honestly, it would have taken the same amount of time to get to the terminals even if we went on the first train. So what do you guys think? Would you have chosen the first train or the second one?

When is the bus getting here?

Now we’re waiting for the bus to Gatwick and we’ve got 25 minutes to spare. In the waiting lounge there are a few vending machines, and to be honest, I was kinda hungry, and with mom offering me a drink of water, I wasn’t sure I’d last the hour to Gatwick without needing the loo! Also, there’s an ice cream vending machine here! Good old Ben and Jerry’s! But…unfortunately the weather isn’t ideal for it, nor will my mom and dad let me have some! So unfair!


At The Airport

Soon we’re standing at the check in desks and check in (duh!) and our bags are whisked away to the magical portal to the plane! Now, we wait…for…three…hours…

Ok…I know I’ve been on many of these flights before, but three hours? I mean, Sure I get to shop around and eat and stuff, but it’s London, I live here, and we don’t have any family friends or relatives living in Prague, so…why three hours! (Breathe Feather, just breathe) When you’ve lived with standby for so long, you get used to the long waits (pftt! Even if I do crochet and cross stitch, I can’t even say that!), except we’re confirmed and we don’t really need to wait or impress anyone to get our seats…again, I guess it’s because my dad is a bit paranoid when it comes to flying, he wants to make sure we’re not late or anything, so that’s cool…still, I really don’t like the wait!

Anyway, next comes security, and the lines were pretty short. I breezed through without a hitch and I have to say, it was kinda easier than I’d expected. You see, earlier in the day, I’d put my liquids in the bag that we had to check in, so I didn’t need to worry about putting a plastic bag out on a tray. All I really had was my iPad, phone, iPod and hand luggage to worry about.

Now We Can Relax?

Now we’re at the lounge, at about 4:30pm and we’re simply waiting for the gate number to be announced. During this time, my mom and my sister were out shopping, while I was looking for a charging station to charge my phone. Of course since it’s a public charging station, there are some broken plugs…predictable! Eventually my dad stepped in and now my phone is docked, and charging! Thank goodness! All that’s left to do is wait! I hate waiting! It’s the one thing we always do here at the airport, you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but the truth is, I’m not! You get tired easily and not in the good way. I mean, you’re just sitting around doing nothing, when everyone else is busy and it exhausts you to simply sit there and watch. I don’t usually care about moving about, but after rushing through security with bruised fingers and aching limbs, airport lounge chairs aren’t ideal to be sitting on…not to mention you’re breathing other people’s air, and your complexion starts to melt (the air isn’t great and your skin starts to get oily). As soon as we get into the lounge, I feel like I just want to move about! That’s what all the shops and restaurants are for after all!

Finally On The Way

Anyway, enough about that, let’s move on to the flight. First off, it was as comfortable as it could be, since we were flying with Easy Jet, and it was only a two hour flight. Of course, since there’s no real sense of personal space, I got to witness a heated make-out session from the passengers in front of me, since the gap between the seats were big enough for me to know that they were pretty much handsy with each other. Well let’s get over that hurdle, and move on to something else, like the entertainment on the flight! There was none. However, my phone and iPod were in my pocket so really I had enough entertainment there (I would have worked on this post if my iPad had any battery, but it was running out…oops!). So that was fun, just listening to music and playing random games on my phone and iPod. Next came the food, which really wasn’t much. Since the meals actually cost, I stuck myself with having tea and a muffin to hold me over until we got to our hotel…which was pretty much in the middle of the night, so there was no food out and by the time I sleep I’ll probably be hungry.


So I survived that arduous plane journey silently jamming to my songs (thank you Kelly, Demi and Carrie!), now we’re finally here in Prague! Although we don’t really commemorate our landing, since it was almost 10:00pm and dad was worried the car hire places were going to be closed for the night, but luckily for us they remained open for the last minute delays! Thank goodness! Now all we need to do is get to the hotel…which wasn’t easy.

First the GPS system we usually rely on didn’t work, and second, dad kept making wrong turns because…WE’RE IN A FREAKING DIFFERENT COUNTRY! It’s crazy, all we really want to do is shower, unpack and sleep (and if possible eat and write up this post). Well we got there around 11:30am-12:00am, and really there was only enough time to unpack, so I didn’t get that much needed shower…but thankfully we have the morning! Well, I guess that’s it for now you guys! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

This is Feather, signing out!

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