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Hello everyone!

Well I can tell you it wasn’t easy to wake up this morning. Our breakfast was at 8am and to be honest the bed was comfortable even if it wasn’t (it was a spring bed).

So breakfast was a hoot, there were chocolates for the kids…which in our case was us…and yes, we took LOADS! Anyway after breakfast we walked down to the bus stop…I must add this in. Basically as we were walking, everyone was talking and taking pictures and there was a small fountain area with granite benches surrounding it, and as we were walking past, my cousin accidentally walked into the fountain saying, “that’s not marble.” It was HILARIOUS!…where we took the City Circle bus – a sightseeing one – and now my family s having a hard time taking pictures because the window keeps fogging up!

Cathedral Poses 1

Poses 2 Poses 3



Mark and Bear Mark in the Background Needle in the Distance

On the Bus


You know what, I am having a great time, despite being tired and always yawning. It’s because I don’t have to keep taking pictures anymore, since my entire family is doing that for me! So here you go the pictures we took on our first bus ride in Berlin!

Cityscape Granite Bell Tower

Important Building 1 Laughing 2

What the?

Lifting Glasses Mark Laughing

I bet they stole the camera…

Mark Posing 1 Mark Posing 2

Yup…they stole the camera…

Mark Posing Model Mark 2

Model Mark 3 Model Mark 4


Model Mark More Cityscape

That’s better!

Mural Museum of Film

Music Hall Realisation



So right now, we’re waiting for the next cycle of the tour bus, since we got on at a really awkward stop. We’re at bus stop 1 right now and the shenanigans are strong right now! I can’t wait to get off and start exploring!

Well…we got off and now we’re enjoying the gourmet food of…McDonalds! Everyone needed the toilet so we ordered food while everyone (i.e. The adults) went, and because it was lunch time.

Berlin Wall Everyone On Berlin Wall

Looking Down At Berlin Wall Mama On Berlin Wall

That’s my Aunty there! Isn’t she cute!

Mom and Dad Mom and Dad with Taxi

US Army Checkpoint VW Display

Now significant time has passed, we stood on the Berlin Wall and took many, many, many photos! And we got some souvenir rocks…well my cousins and my sister did. So after that we went back on the bus to get to the TV tower, so we could see the entire city. Ok so this is another funny story that will probably haunt my dad for the rest of his life. While we were on the bus, my sister and I were sitting a bit away from our mom and dad and during the journey, he wanted to get her attention, and so he held the back of the chair in front of him and mom noticed, and told him, “that’s not your daughter,” and then the girl in front of him turned to him and “stroked her hair”, my guess was he was apologising to her for the misjudgment, but now everyone in my family is now teasing him, telling each other “careful, he’s a hair stroker!” I feel sorry for him.

Anyway, we’re once again waiting for the adults to use the loo before we can go up this mysterious tower, and my cousins are having much fun with the cameras and my aunt’s pillow dubbed “Poo”.

Bear Again - Cathy and Ate Monique Pig Snout

Mark on the Red Carpet Back Viewpoint

Bear 3 Berlin

Dad and Lolo 2 Dad and Lolo

Factory Mom and Dad Viewpoint

Needle Poo and Ate - Viewpoint

The view was amazing! You can tell we were all having fun since in most of the pictures you’ll see us either laughing or just generally happy!

Dad and Bus Funky Car

Futuristic Road

Now you don’t know how amazing it is to be in front of the Brandenburger Gate. It is so historic and beautiful, I have no words! While we were taking more pictures, my mom thought that it would be a good idea to get water from the nearby Starbucks…but it was completely packed! Plus there was a very long queue! So we decided to go to the city centre where we could explore the nearby department stores.

Gate 1 Gate 2

Cathy and Ate at Gate

It didn’t go as planned, you see the bus we got on was very, very, very slow, and well let’s just say my cousin, my sister and I have a running joke that my cousin is the red light jinx. Anyway, when we finally got to our destination we realised there was another Christmas market there, so we decide to go there instead and had a few things to eat! I managed to get my souvenirs for my work mates and my sister got the mug she wanted, since she was left out yesterday.

After that we went to KFC, and got a tonne of food! By the time we were done I think we were all ready to collapse! Now, because my mom watched a YouTube video, and was influenced by it, we went back to the Brandenburger Gate to watch a music and light show…BUT IT WASN’T ON! Apparently the only time those light shows are on are during Christmas, and because the market was taken down Christmas was finished! So we travelled all that way for nothing! Oh well at least we got some nice pictures from it. Not to mention the journey back to the hotel wasn’t too long.

Gate at Night Hotel Christmas

Whelp that’s it for today! Join us tomorrow! Where I can hopefully get some money to buy the things I want from the Christmas market!

So once more this is Feather signing out!

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