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Hello everyone!

Alright so this is our last full day here…and to be honest I’m actually glad to be going home. I know this place was great, but the truth is I prefer my bed than the hotel one. Anyway. There’s something you guys need to know. Last night, my sister and I went to our cousin’s room to play cards, and ended up playing Cards Of Humanity. It was hilarious! Actually it was my first time to play and it was actually quite fun and really funny! And I WON! I guess it was beginners luck…Anyway so yeah we woke up and got ready for breakfast early once more. My mom thought that the restaurant we wanted to have breakfast opened at 8am, but turns out that it opened at 9am. So we sort of just stood there debating about what we wanted to do and the waiter we talked to just said we could come in and sit while he finished setting up. Once he was done we had breakfast which was actually very awesome!

Anyway after breakfast we went back on the tour bus to get to the Victory Column, and it was rather cold! But we had fun anyway, as you can see, since my sister, cousins and aunt were taking pictures in very awkward positions. Oh and if you’re not used to climbing like hundreds of stairs then I don’t suggest going all the way up to the rotunda. There is a large one at the base of the column that had a very beautiful mosaic that decorated the whole column. Plus there is a very nice view of the avenues that spread out towards the rest of Berlin. It was rather pretty despite the cold.

Everyone at Angel Tower Angel Tower 1

Angel Sticker

Taking Pictures

Shenanigans 1 Shenanigans 2

Shenanigans 4 Shenanigans 5

Mom at Base Mom Dad and Cat at view

Mama Ate and Mark Mosaic

Tower Up Close

Next we went to the city centre to go shopping, although we didn’t get much. However I did get two pairs of earrings that I’d been longing for, for the last year or so. After that we went to Postdamerplatz to go to the Christmas market there, but there wasn’t much, so we decided to go to the Mall of Berlin, and we spent nearly the rest of the afternoon there. So while we were exploring we happened across a peculiar scene. Someone probably wanted to steal something from H&M and the security guards were on him as he was shouting and probably swearing at them since it was German. Well we left swiftly after that because we needed to eat with the adults.

Chocolate Building Decorations

Kids at Mall Mall Part 1

Mall Part 2

Mall Promenade Wooden Deer Grotto

So after probably two hours of lunch we went back to GendarmentMarket and actually bought souvenirs for ourselves and our friends! And I got another mug! This time it’s a clear one! Oh and I got the fairy lights I wanted. I’ve really wanted these for the last year or two because it’s so pretty and it helps with sleeping and waking up.

Anyway, my sister and cousins are ready to play liar and I want to make sure it’s fair!

Well, this is Feather signing out for the last time, here in Germany!

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