The Venetian Adventure – Island Hopping and Shopping

Hello everyone,

Today is our second to last day here, and we are island hopping! We are going to Murano, and Torcello. Thus, begins our island hopping. Ok, so when we finally leave the apartment, we thought we could get to our first island by water bus, since public transport easily gets us there, but as soon as we get to the stop we need, to get to Murano, there is a very long line. My guess, everyone wants to go to Murano…my feet hurt! 

Murano – The Home of Italian Glassmaking

Anyway, we got to Murano and went down to the church, which was cool; I got to say hello to God again, but the thing was, my Mom wanted to witness the glass blowing process but they only held them on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and was a bit bummed out when she couldn’t watch. Oh well…

_MG_2464 _MG_2466




After that we went on the boat to Torcello, and I have to say, it’s pretty cool. It’s probably the only place in Venice where there are gardens, I’m not joking, it’s rather pretty for the nature jockey in me.

So, after having lunch, which was comprised of fish and various other stuff, we made our way down to yet another church! We explored the outside of it, but couldn’t be bothered to enter. It was too hot really to do any more exploring, so we simply took some pictures outside and went our merry way, grabbing some ice cream before we hopped back onto the boat to the mainland.

_MG_2483 _MG_2494


Let’s Go To The Beach

We were meant to go back to Burano, but we’d missed the stop and pretty much called it a day…except we eventually decided to go to Lido and check it out before we went back to Rialto for some last minute souvenir shopping.

Lido was quite crowded. Granted we sat at the self service café for most of the time we were there, and only went down the beach to take a few pictures, but the amount of people who were there astounds me! There are just too many bodies for just a small space of land.

2015-07-10 15.10.28 2015-07-10 16.50.51

Shopping Time

Anyway, after a much needed tea break (even if it was iced tea) we decided to go back to Rialto and finally get the souvenirs we wanted, namely my mask! Ok, so I did say that my mask was going to be blue, but the purple just called to me and I just had to get this mask, because it was on a stick. I didn’t want to get another one that had to be wrapped around my head. It’s so awesome!


(Sorry it’s too dark, but it’s the best one that captures the mask perfectly – the pictures that had flash didn’t quite give it the pizzazz it needed.)

As we walked around Rialto, and the backstreets of Venice, I also got a beautiful glass quill! (Again, when I get the pictures up) So that’s it, we went back to the room and packed. Tomorrow’s our flight, but because we’ve got the entire day to waste, we’ll be doing more souvenir shopping, and I don’t think anything too exciting will happen. So Ill see you all back in England! Ciao Venezia, until the next time!

This is Feather, signing out!

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