The Venetian Adventure – The Water’s Charm

Hello everyone,

It’s a mildly early start here in Venice. So what are we doing today? Well, we visited St Mark’s Basilica where no photos were taken, as it is a church in Italy and to respect the religious integrity of the buildings, we were not permitted to take photos. However, the lookout tower at the top of it was a different story, and well…

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_MG_2364 _MG_2369

Let’s Have A Walk About

Now we’re at Rialto Market, and it is really busy here! So many vendors and tourists, it’s unbelievable, and since my sister and I are quite tired from walking about all morning, we’re simply sitting here, listening to the hustle and bustle that pass us by…and a few pigeons along with us. As we’re sitting here, I’ve decided the colours, of the mask I want to buy, thanks to the suggestions of my beloved sister. I will be getting a blue and gold mask…now it’s time to decide which mask I like!

2015-07-09 12.28.47 2015-07-09 12.19.02

Theme Time

Oh and as for a theme for Venice…it’s not the usual ones you think you hear on a gondola, I’m pinning this one to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, because of that concert last night! Although it was embellished, I do feel like royalty just listening to classical music, and Venice truly is a royal city.

The Rialto Bridge

Anyway, after discovering San Marco and all its beauty, we went to Rialto Market, via Rialto bridge. Although half its façade is under restoration, the view we were gifted with was still breath-taking!

2015-07-09 12.15.29 I’m using beautiful and breath-taking a lot, I’m really sorry…BUT VENICE REALLY IS BEAUTIFUL! I JUST LOVE ITS RUSTIC CHARM!!!!!! ><

An Enchanting Ride

Anyway, after wandering around the market and and deciding which restaurant we wanted to go to, my parents decided on an impulse buy…WE WENT ON A GONDOLA!!!!


Despite the fact that it cost €100, the ride was totally worth it. Although we didn’t experience the full Venetian experience, because he didn’t sing for us, but it was worth it anyway. The views were spectacular, and the ride was a great break from walking around all morning.


When we finally got off on the other side of the river,we decided to look for the supermarket we passed on the ride. Just as we got off, my sister’s infinite wit decided to show itself, as she said, “That was a very expensive taxi ride!”…the public transport of Venice provides us with a stop called “Sant Angelo” and our gondola stopped not too far from it.

An Evening of Fun

So after that we walked around, just looking at the stuff in the shop windows, and restaurants, and finally made our way to the supermarket, where I (to my regret) became rather cranky and bored. You see, I know it’s probably cheaper to cook our lunch and dinner, but this is a holiday, even though we’re doing lots of things, and in my not-so-humble opinion, I believe you should have that experience, even with meals. So, reluctantly I helped out buying food for us, for today at least, so that we won’t be too hungry when we watch this play, mom had booked for us, called the “Story of Venice”.



Now, this play was hilarious! They pretty much showed us the history of Venice, both the splendours and horrors, the victories and woes, it was very entertaining as well as informative, and I really have to thank my parents for arranging it. Although, I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time (I guess it’s the British in me, I get it’s slapstick and comedy).

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for the day. There’s not much else to talk about, so I’ll leave it there for now.

Well, as per usual, let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe. I’ll see you all soon.

This is Feather, signing out!

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