The Venetian Adventure – Venice Here We Come

Hello everyone, 

Feather here, once more with a new adventure! Yes we are in Venice this time! And let me tell you I’ve never been more excited in my life. Being one of the very few places I’ve actually wanted to go to, I actually don’t mind waking up at ungodly hours just to travel there! Yes I do mean it. We have to wake up pretty much at 5:00am just so we can catch the 8:00am flight from EasyJet at Gatwick to Venice! And just to prove it…here’s what it looks like at 5:00 in the morning!

2015-07-08 05.01.01

It is bleak!

2015-07-08 05.08.07

Getting to the Airport

You know I’m actually grateful dad decided to use the car this time, because I cannot be bothered to try and rush my way across the city to get to the airport, while trying to get my hair in order, because of time constraints I couldn’t do it in the house. So, pretty much doing my hair blind…what do you think?

2015-07-08 05.41.36

As we drive out to the airport, I notice a sneaky McDonald’s and I am determined to get my breakfast! I never liked having no breakfast in the morning, it makes me cranky! So now begins the long sleep. It takes pretty much an hour to get to the airport, hopefully I get some shut eye before we fly.

At the Airport…There’s No Need to Check In

Ok, so sleeping in the car didn’t work…we’ll see if it does on the flight. Anyway, so we got through security with relative ease, except for my hand luggage, which had to be scanned a second time because the image didn’t come through fully, but I wasn’t swabbed so that was good. Now we’re just waiting for the gate to come up, and we have 30 minutes to eat! Thank god! I was getting hungry! And…I GET MY MCDONALD’s BREAKFAST!!!! Oh you don’t know how good it feels to have a McMuffin in my hand and in my mouth!

2015-07-08 07.31.05

This is quite literally heaven in my mouth!

We’re In Venice!

Anyway, the procedure to the plane was routine. Nothing too major. The main story is when we land…I was so full of excitement I couldn’t stop gaping at the different islands that made up Venice. It was really something else! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera, since it was packed away, and my phone was on probation because we were still in the air, but you’ll just have to trust me that it was rather beautiful.

So we land, and take the water bus (or Vaporetto) to the main islands. Of course, as per usual, my sister had a very bad case of motion sickness, and she didn’t have any medication with her, so she was quite sullen the entire ride, but we managed to get to our stop/station in one piece, and find our hotel…or apartment as we had booked one, and it is absolutely adorable!

_MG_2202 _MG_2203

After we finish unpacking and checking in, we decided to go exploring. For the first hour or so, we simply got lost in Venice, and just enjoyed the scene. I know it’s not ideal to get lost, but someone said “It’s a good idea to get lost in Venice, because even though you’re lost, you’ll always find your way again”, it was very true, because we found our way to St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) and my goodness, let me tell you it is huge! I mean seriously, you could probably fill an entire stadium with the amount of people walking in and out of that square!


Time For Vivaldi

We then made our way down, and began searching for the place we were going to watch a night-time Vivaldi concert. Yes, we had a concert today! It was ok…I mean I wasn’t too fond of the players making their mark on what was already a beautiful piece, but hey, musicians are their own forms of artists. Anyway, while we were waiting for the concert to start, we just explored the area around Piazza San Marco and it was breath-taking. We found a quaint little garden park, that you could simply rest after a long walk; we went into several shops, full of venetian masks (which I am determined to buy! I WILL GET ONE AND I WILL BRING IT HOME!), where I got my magnet souvenirs for my work-mates; and had a lot of really good ice-cream – or Gelato as they call it here!


So yes, that was basically it, we roamed about, wondering what really went on here in Venice, and to tell you the truth…I loved the architecture more than the commercial culture that Venice had built up because of its tourist attractions. The old, rustic façade and the peeling paint, just brought me back to why I love Italy!

Anyway, I’m currently falling asleep at the table I’m working at, so I’ll leave you all there. If you have any questions, you know what to do. Leave me a comment down below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

This is Feather, signing out!

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