The Swiss Mountain Playground

Hello Everyone,

We’re in Switzerland guys! Join Feather and family as we traverse this strangely beautiful fairytale land. Climb the Swiss Alps with us, and guzzle down on Swiss chocolate and cheese! Or, if you’re more of a science geek (like me), play with us at the highly sophisticated centre, CERN, in Geneva and learn all there is to know about the universe. Let’s end this hiatus with a Big Bang! (see what I did there?)

Who Wants To Build A Snowman

 Waterfalls and Mountain Tops

The Wet Luxury Experience 

A World Of Scientific Discoveries

 Scenic Views and Little Jewels

Seeing the World Through God’s Eyes

Making Lasting Memories

Well, have fun! As always, let me know what you think. I’ll see you all later! God bless.

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