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It’s time again for Feather’s daily updates! What did we do today’s? Let’s see…First we went to CERN, had a sneak peek into what they do there, went to Geneva itself and took a “mini train” ride around the Jardin Anglais. So what are you waiting for? Get going!

Alright, so it’s time we set off today! We are going to take a trip through time and space! Yes! We’ve found the Tardis and we’ll be setting off with the Doctor as our guide!

Ok, so maybe not…but we are going to a place where physic’s greatest achievements have taken place. We will be visiting the Large Hadron Collider at CERN! After that we will be taking a trip to Geneva city to check out what more the place has to offer. So let’s go!

Welcome to CERN, the world’s largest hadron collider. Many experiments are undertaken here to determine the source of all matter and anti-matter, where the Earth is nothing more than a speck of dust in an ever expanding universe. This is where questions like “why do we even exist?” are answered…ok so maybe they have t been answered yet, but we are getting there. I mean, come on, they’ve only recently discovered the Higgs Boson particle that literally gives matter substance…it’s the very thing that makes the universe possible!


I know what you’re going to say…you weren’t there…you don’t have pictures to prove it…well, that’s true, I didn’t get to see the actual collider up close and personal, but that’s only because, recently, a weasel broke into the facility and chewed on one of the cables. So the tours of the actual collider was not available, but we did get to explore an interactive exhibition about what happens at CERN, and how it gives scientists an insight into how the universe works! I would recommend going if you ever come to Switzerland, the parking is free, and the exhibition too! It’s all worth it, I promise!

Well, that’s done, let’s move on shall we? Now, we are going to Geneva proper, just to take a walk around the city, and see what else the city has to offer!

So, now we’ve seen Geneva, taken some pictures, and taken a “mini train” ride around the Jardin Anglais (English Gardens). Now the main feature of the city is the 460ft fountain that sits in the harbour that acts like the welcoming arms of the city, but like the LHC, the fountain wasn’t working! This time the reason for it is simply that there are works underway to create an access ramp for those who can’t easily use the main pathway. So you’ll have to satisfy your sightseeing cravings with pictures from Google.

After that we just wandered through the city, to get back to the car, and now, we’re strapped in, ready to go home. It’s going to be a long journey, so that’s it from us here in Geneva, join us tomorrow when we travel to Luzern to watch a show about the Swiss culture and take a tour of the town’s picturesque streets!

That’s it from me today, because I really need a nap! As always, if you like this post, leave a like and share it with your friends! Oh and one more thing, if you have any advice or tips for us, or you’d like to share your travel experiences, please leave a comment below!

Well, see y’all tomorrow in Luzern! This is Feather signing out!

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