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Hello Everyone!

It’s Feather’s last day here in Switzerland and we’ve decided to take a wander around the two lakes that surround us on both sides. It’s rainy, it’s cloudy and cold, but that’s not gonna stop us from taking awesome pictures!

So, thank you Switzerland for your beauty and friendly locals. Thank you for being such an amazing place, and thank you for the inspiration you give to someone like me! If any of you decide to ever visit, just remember, not everything needs an Internet connection and simply enjoy the view. It’s worth not checking your emails 24/7, or uploading pictures on Facebook, or telling people how pretty the place is through Twitter. Put the phone down, put the iPad away and simply breathe in the fresh Swiss air.

Finally it’s sunny enough that we can go to the top of Grimsel Pass!

At the top of Grimsel Pass, you get to see this!

The snow is everywhere! We also finally got to see Furka Pass!

Now we are on our way back to Brienz to simply bask in the sun!

At Brienz, we had a nice lunch overlooking the lake.

After having lunch, we hung out by the lake.

We found a nice spot right next to the water!

And on the way back to the car, we passed by some really nice buildings.

Well, that was basically it guys! Our trip to Switzerland has come to an end, see you in London!

This is Feather signing out!

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